Brick Mailboxes

Did you know that there are many approaches to what one might perceive as the basic brick mailbox?

Just drive through any Dallas, Texas subdivision and look around. In no time at all, you will find that while brick, or perhaps stucco, is a commonly used material, the appearance of the brick mailboxes varies quite a bit.

A brick mailbox is more than a place to which your mail is delivered, it is a piece of architecture that reflects your personal style or mimics the look of your home’s exterior. Brick mailboxes come in a variety of styles, making it possible for you to have a look that suits you perfectly.

Types of Brick Mailboxes

  • Arched top
      – Perhaps one of the more common brick mailbox designs, the arched top will often mimic the windows or exterior entryway of your home. The arched top brick mailbox may be a base with a semi-circle shape on top or it may be designed with an eyebrow arch, which means it has a flatter arch rather than a pi shape top.
  • Steeple top
      – A brick mailbox with a steeple top design typically mimics the gable of one’s home.
  • Stone caps
      – Some homeowners want a brick mailbox made from the pavers or bricks already being used. Omega Masonry can do this by designing a custom made stone cap for a flat topped brick mailbox. The stone caps can also be designed to include your house number – whether you opt for displaying the numbers using vinyl or a brass plate.
  • Lockable security boxes
      – If you frequently have sensitive mail or checks delivered to your residence or place of business, then a lockable security box can be worked into the design of your brick mailbox to ensure that your mail reaches you and that it cannot be tampered with. There are several styles of lockable security boxes, so talk to an Omega Masonry expert to learn which style will best meet your needs.
  • Planter boxes
      – Want to give your brick mailboxes a burst of color? Consider a mailbox design with built-in planters to give you room to grow your favorite flowers.
  • Quoin corners
    – These are brick mailboxes that have one or more corners of brick that overhang or indent, so as to match the home’s corner designs.

Omega Masonry has many years of experience in building custom brick mailboxes. We would love to meet with you and help you determine what type will best meet your style and your budget. Contact us today.


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