Masonry Repairs

For many home or business owners in the Dallas, Texas area, one of the biggest home maintenance concerns they face is masonry repairs. This is because the intense heat can cause the mortar, as well as the bricks, to crack. If these cracks are ignored, then one can find themselves facing a much larger problem that cost thousands to repair. Masonry repairs can also be needed due to poor workmanship or inferior products being used at the time of building. As your office or residence ages, this will become more evident.

Masonry repairs are not just a large building concern. Masonry repairs can also be needed for mailboxes, fences, arched entryways, a patio areas or any other brick element that is a part of your property. Should you notice crumbling or loose bricks, don’t ignore the problem. As brick elements add interest and value to your home, you should talk to Omega Masonry about masonry repairs. While these types of masonry repairs may seem minor, they can have quite an impact on the curb appeal of your home.

The Importance of Masonry Repairs

Ignoring masonry repairs is a dangerous thing to do, as not having the repairs made can lead to significant problems. These include:
Excessively High Energy Costs – Cracks in the masonry of your home will allow your heating or air conditioning to escape, thus causing you to have much higher energy bills.
Rodent Infestation – Insects such as scorpions, mice, rats, snakes and other unwanted creatures always seem to find the areas where masonry repairs are needed. And, like the troublesome vermin they are, they will take full advantage of the cracks and crevices of your home’s exterior.
Lower property Value – When needed masonry repairs are ignored or delayed, then the damaged caused will affect the resale value of your home or office space. Having a brick exterior that is good shape, without cracks or crumbling makes it easier to sell, should the occasion occur.
Leaks – When in great or well-maintained condition, brick exteriors are one of the best choices for keeping the elements completely out of your space. However, when masonry repairs are needed, yet ignored, then you are risking water damage every time it rains. This water damage can cause far more problems that will need to be corrected. Quite often, ignoring brick repairs will lead to more masonry cracking that can ultimately lead to gaps around windows and doors.
Bodily Injury – If you fail to have masonry repairs made, you are risking having mortar or even a bricks falling out and landing someone below. Definitely, not something you want to risk!

Should you see that areas of your brick home are showing signs of disrepair, don’t hesitate. Contact Omega Masonry and have us come out to give you an estimate. We will answer any questions you may have about the brick repair process, determine the safety status of your brick exterior problem, and can give you a timeframe of how long your masonry repairs will take to complete.