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Stamped concrete is a highly popular material for walkways nowadays. A lot of property owners decide to take advantage of it rather than using brick or stone pavers as it is more economical. Stamped concrete is also aesthetically pleasing as it comes in different shades and patterns. They can mimic anything, from stones to marbles. They are fairly simple to install and would easily blend into the look that you want for your outdoors. Installing it is also a breeze. Unlike stone pavers that need to be set individually, concrete only has to be mixed, poured, and stamped. However, it does need a skilled masonry contractor to get the job right. Like any concrete structures, problems such as early cracking, uneaven edges, and bad finish are expected.

Another bad side to stamped concrete is durability. Concrete will crack overtime, especially if it is exposed to weather changes. The weight of load is also a factor. So the spot where stamped concrete is installed should also be taken into consideration. This is the reason why concrete is ideal for walkways and not on driveways. But when it comes to maintenance, stamped concrete is a winner. It’s easy to clean and may essentially require little to zero maintenance at all. Nonetheless, contractors advise that the concrete is sealed for improved protection.

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Like most things, there are benefits and disadvantages to using concrete or patio pavers for your exteriors. When selecting between these two, it is advised that you weigh all the possibilities first. It is important that you come up with the best decision all the time. Here are several points of contrast to think about:

  1. Aesthetics

Stamped concrete is technically more decorative because you are free to decide on which shade, pattern and design to use. Your only restraint is your own creativity. Patio pavers, on the other hand, come in certain designs. Even so, you can always mix and match until you attain the look that you want.

  1. Durability

Stamped concrete is susceptible to cracking, more so if the weather outdoors is somehow irregular. Patio pavers, on the other hand, are generally thicker and tougher. They are not susceptible to cracking if installed the right way.

  1. Installation

The installation of these two materials requires a pro. Even if almost all handymen can tinkle with pavers and concrete on their own, it may be impossible to attain the perfect look and the maximum quality of the materials if they aren’t installed the right way.

  1. Maintenance

In the matters of repair and upkeeping, patio pavers have the advantage. Because they’re strong, they don’t have to be repaired too often. And if you have to, you only have to concentrate on the individual stone that is chipped and not the entire walkway.

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Is Your Masonry Foundation Solid?

Masonry Contractors Highland Village Texas

Your home’s foundation is important factor in how long it will last. Having a weak or damaged masonry foundation typically means that your home will become uneven or develop other problems within its various systems. Damage to your home’s masonry foundation can be caused by excessive moisture, as well as by significant drought and should be addressed as soon as possible. There is a variety of ways that a weakened or bad foundation will be revealed, and knowing what to look for can help save you money and add life to your home.

Signs of a Bad Masonry Foundation

  • Crooked Windows and Doors

As a properly installed window or door will be perfectly level, when you notice that your doors or window are out of alignment, have begun to stick or jam on a regular basis, or see that the glass has begun to crack, then you need to talk to a masonry expert to learn how solid your home’s foundation is and what steps, if any, need to be taken.

As a side note, crooked windows and doors will also drive energy costs up, so having the foundation checked will help minimize the utility bill, too.

  • Sloped Floors or Cracked Walls

Although some degree of settling is common in homes, excessive settling is a sign of a bad masonry foundation. In order to stay ahead of any foundation problems there are several things you will want to watch for. These include:

  1. Cracks, fissures, warps, and shifts, especially in the upper walls of the home.
  2. Crumbling and decay within the cement or brick facades.
  3. Mold, moisture, and stains as a result of water damage
  • External Cracks or Wall Bulges

Noticing small cracks or fissures within a masonry foundation is not unusual or cause for concern. However, you notice large cracks in the foundation or unusual bulges –often the result of drywall cracks- in the wall are indicators of a sinking foundation.

  • Sagging floors or Warped Ceilings

This will often be revealed through gaps between the wall and the floor or the ceiling. If you are suspect that you might have an issue but there is no gap, consider placing a golf or tennis ball on the floor. The ball should not move. If it does, consider bringing in an expert.

  • Brick Walls Pulling Away from the House

This is often the result of soil shrinkage brought on by high temperatures and droughts common in Texas. When the soil dries out, it can sometimes cause the masonry foundation to settle more than anticipated and result in the corners of the home separating from the roof of the house or from the exterior corners.

Should you identify any of these indicators of a bad masonry foundation, don’t put it off, and just “wait to see what happens”? Talk to one of the masonry repair pros at Omega Masonry. We know what it takes to make a sound decision and will be there to make any necessary masonry foundation repairs.

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