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Stamped concrete is a very popular choice for walkways over the past few years. A lot of property owners prefer to use it instead of using brick or stone pavers because it’s more economical. Stamped concrete is also aesthetically pleasing as it comes in various shades and textures. They can be made to look like everything, from lumber to marbles. They are fairly easy to install and could easily blend into the look that you desire for your exteriors. Installing it is also a breeze. Compared to stone pavers that need to be set individually, this material only needs to be mixed, poured, and stamped. But then again, it does require a professional masonry contractor to get the project done. Just like any concrete structures, issues such as premature cracking, course edges, and bad finish are expected.

Another bad side to stamped concrete is durability. Concrete will crack eventually, more so if it’s exposed to weather changes. A heavy load is also a factor. So the place where stamped concrete is installed should also be considered. This is the reason why stamped concrete is ideal for walkways but not on driveways. But when it comes to maintenance, stamped concrete wins. It is simple to clean and may actually need little to no maintenance at all. Nevertheless, contractors advise that the concrete is treated for improved protection.

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Like any other thing, there are benefits and disadvantages to using concrete and patio pavers for your exteriors. When choosing between these two, it is best that you consider all the factors first. It’s necessary that you come up with the best decision all the time. Below are some points of contrast to consider:

  1. Look

Stamped concrete is generally more decorative because you’re free to choose which shade, pattern and design to use. The only restriction is your own imagination. Patio pavers, on the other hand, are offered in certain patterns. Despite that, you may always mix and match until you achieve the look that you desire.

  1. Strength

Stamped concrete is susceptible to cracking, more so if the weather outdoors is rather irregular. Patio pavers, on the other hand, are generally thicker and stronger. They are not prone to cracking if installed the right way.

  1. Installation

The installation of these two materials requires a professional. Even if almost all handymen can play with pavers or concrete on their own, it can be hard to attain the perfect look or the maximum potential of the materials if they are not installed the right way.

  1. Upkeep

When it comes to repair and upkeeping, patio pavers are the winners. Because they are strong, they don’t have to be repaired all the time. And when you need to, you only need to concentrate on the individual paver that’s broken and not the whole walkway.

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Common Methods of Cast Stone Repair

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Common Methods of Cast Stone Repair

Cast stones have been used as early as the 12th century to replicate the look of natural carved stones. Now, cast stones are fabricated in many ways for use as ornaments and trimmings for buildings and outdoor structures. Cast stone repair is a necessary process as these stones are bound to deteriorate over time.

One of the most common signs of deterioration is the separation of the core and facing layers. Deterioration may also be observed in eroded aggregate and cementing matrix, as well as corroded steel reinforcement, cramps, and anchors. If any of these damages are observed, cast stone repair is in order.

Cast Stone Maintenance

The maintenance of cast stone is required to prolong the life of these masonry installations. Two of the most common methods of care are cleaning and repointing. Cleaning cast stone installations is done with the use of alkaline pre-wash or special acids, especially if the stone is made up of limestone or marble aggregates. Otherwise, acidic cleaners used for sandstones and natural granites are used instead. Cleaning may also involve sandblasting or wet grit blasting, especially if tenacious soiling has already occurred. However, these cleaning methods should only be done by a cast stone repair professionals as they may cause serious damage to the surface if not done properly.

On the other hand, repointing pertains to the replacement of the historic mortar performed on cracked and open joints, with the exact color of the sand and cement matrix painstakingly matched. However, unnecessary repointing may cause significant damage. It is best to consult with a cast stone expert prior to doing anything related to this task.

Cast Stone Repair

Weathering is one of the most common issues with cast stones. Some of the most common repair methods include securing separated surface facing, which in some cases have to be done by an art conservator if historic elements or structures are involved. Otherwise, the use of special grout and resin adhesive will suffice.

Another popular method of repair is spall reinforcement. Mechanical damages eventually occur in cast stones and if they do, composite repairs are necessary. Examples would be damaged corners, drilled holes, and rusting reinforcement bars. However, this job should only be done by an experienced mason so as to adequately resolve the problem instead of compounding it.

Surface finishing is yet another popular method of restoring damaged cast stone. While this method involves tooling and grinding, masonry stains and silicate paints may be used to restore the original patterned pigmentation of the surface. A special type of surface coating is also added to trap in moisture and prevent deterioration.

Consult With Experts

The meticulous job of cast stone repair warrants the services of dedicated professionals. When projects of this nature arise, consult only with the experts. You should get high-quality services as the aesthetic and structural integrity of the structure is in question here. Find experts in your area and make sure that you consult only with cast stone repair professionals with decades of experience in the field.

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