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Homeowners who live in the DFW area have come to know that OmegaMasonry.Com is the concrete contractors to reach out to when seeking Stone Landscape Borders service. OmegaMasonry.Com specializes in taking the skill of masonry, to the next level, and is the most sort after Concrete Contractors in Southeast Dallas, TX.

Stamped concrete is a fairly popular choice for walkways these days. Many homeowners prefer to take advantage of it rather than using brick and stone pavers as it is more economical. They are also aesthetically pleasing for it comes in a wide variety of shades and textures. They can mimic many flooring materials, from stones to marbles. They are generally easy to install and could easily blend into the appearance that you desire for your exteriors. Installation is also jiffy. Compared to stone pavers that have to be set individually, this material only has to be mixed, poured, and stamped. But then again, it does need an expert masonry contractor to get the project right. Just like any concrete structures, issues such as untimely cracking, course edges, and bad finish are ordinary.

Another drawback to stamped concrete is resilience. Concrete will crack eventually, specially if it is exposed to the elements. The weight of load is also a factor. Therefore the location where stamped concrete is installed should also be taken into consideration. This is why stamped concrete is recommended for walkways and not on driveways. But when it comes to upkeep, stamped concrete is a winner. It’s easy to clean and may essentially need less to zero maintenance at all. But then, contractors suggest that the concrete is treated for added protection.

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Like all other things, there are benefits and disadvantages to using concrete or patio pavers for your exteriors. When deciding between these two, it is recommended that you consider all the possibilities first. It’s important that you come up with the best decision each time. Here are a few points of contrast to consider:

  1. Appearance

Stamped concrete is generally more decorative because you’re free to pick which shade, pattern and design to use. The only limitation is your own imagination. Patio pavers, on the other hand, are offered in certain designs. But you may always mix and match until you reach the look that you desire.

  1. Durability

Stamped concrete is prone to cracking, especially if the weather outdoors is rather irregular. Patio pavers, on the other hand, are technically thicker and more durable. They are not prone to cracking when installed professionally.

  1. Installation

The installation of stamped concrete and patio pavers requires a professional. Although almost everybody can play with pavers and concrete on their own, it may be difficult to achieve the perfect look and the maximum quality of the materials if they are not installed professionally.

  1. Repair

When it comes to repair or maintenance, patio pavers are the winners. Because they are strong, they don’t have to be replaced very often. And if you have to, you only have to concentrate on the individual stone that’s broken and not the entire walkway.

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Stucco Repairs for Your Texas Location

Cast Stone Repair / Stucco Repair in Plano, Frisco, & Carrollton

In areas such as Texas it is not unusual to see neighborhoods with a number of stucco homes, retaining walls and other elements. This is due to stucco being a great way to make a home more energy efficient, are resistant (though not impervious) to mold, mildew and fire, minimizes outside sound, is virtually maintenance free, and ensure that your home will last for many decades to come.

However, just because stucco homes are long-lasting that does not mean that they are never in need of repair. Like anything else, it does not last indefinitely, and from time to time stucco repairs are going to be needed. These stucco repairs are not something to be ignored, nor is it recommended that one tackle it as weekend DIY project. Rather, it is best to bring in a Texas stucco repair specialist.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons people opt for stucco homes and features for their property, and of the biggest is that stucco’s popularity has brought with an increase in property value. But only if the stucco is in good shape. Consequently, you will want to be sure to inspect your stucco home at least once a year to note any signs of damage or needed repair – especially should you have an older home stucco home.

Indicators that Stucco Repair Is Needed:

If you are new to stucco sided homes, then you may not know what to look for. Typically, there are three areas for which to watch.

Cracking – Stucco repairs that are due to cracking are classified as either localized or general. In localized cracks, the cause is a result of water damage below the surface, while general cracking is usually caused by poor workmanship or product. Sadly, these types of problems are not discovered until some years down the road. The stucco cracks can be patched, but depending on the extent of the damage it may be necessary to refinish the entire wall so that there is a more uniformed appearance.

Mold – Of all the issues to be concerned about this is the most serious. No, it does not easily happen as stucco tends to resistant to mold, but it is not impossible for mold to occur. Mold on stucco is generally a result of excess moisture and water retention. This can happen if cracking has occurred or if the original stucco used was of inferior quality. In the event of mold related stucco repairs, our team will need to remove and replace the affected area.

Staining – Sometime, rainwater can wash contaminants from the roof or nearby plants onto the stucco and these items leave color deposits on the stucco or even cause deterioration to the stucco. These stucco repairs are a multi-step process but can be easily corrected by a stucco professional.

Should you find yourself needing a stucco repair for your TX location, don’t just sit back to see what happens. Contact the stucco specialists at Omega Masonry and get a field representative out for an estimate today. We look forward to adding new life to the stucco elements of your property.

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