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Searching for cast stone fixing company in Medical District, Texas? The majority of local residents have come to know Jose at Omega Masonry as the contractor to got to for Concrete Contractors in Dallas County, TX, what a lot of people don’t know is that Omega Masonry it’s also your best bet if you are looking for a cast stone repair contractor near Medical District, TX!

Historic cast stone has to be looked after or it could start to give out over time. This happens often when homeowners don’t think about the long-term and merely do minor changes to the setup. In fact, many do not make changes at all and that is isn’t good for that material!

To accomplish this correctly, it is important to take into consideration generating a proper schedule and ensuring that the caring procedure is thorough. This is how things will probably be done; also how they are supposed to be. For the time being, the product quality will not be gonna be up to scratch.

Having a professional service, caring for historic cast-stone becomes a lot easier and you are able to control the situation without plenty of trouble. Things are going to get accomplished punctually and the pro can check out possible concerns which are remaining around with the cast-stone. It is a time-saver which is a good way to lengthen the stone’s life.

This is a major investment and is probably the best things a home owner can do with antique cast stone.

What Does Cast Stone Restoration Involve?

A home may have simulated stone made out of gravels or natural sands. These materials are shaped and found in a lot of stonework applications and architectural projects. You will love how it looks on your house’s façade and garage; you might have cast-stone in places in your business’ building.

This ornamental stone material requires a great standard of care. If it becomes broken or gets marks, that can happen around the tips of decorative stairways or parts of the building, you should restore them especially should they be clearly noticeable within a few dozen feet away.

What Does Cast Stone Restoration Involve? You may try to make it happen for yourself using patching material but it should be created from the identical material like the item being repaired. You also require a bonding agent. These should be mixed together just right and packed into the spot needing restoration.

The task must be done precisely and it could require adding extra material to get the area filled in just right. This is certainly delicate as the mixture of material and bonding agents dry quickly that means you must remix more to add it. Ideally, you must leave this job to a pro in cast stone repair. As we have pointed out hiring a cast stone patching up company in Medical District, TX, or anywhere else requires a little bit of homework. If you’re a business owner looking for stone masonry in Medical District, TX, we urge you to visit our stucco mailbox repairs blog.

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When Do You Need Concrete Repair?

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A common question that the client asks is whether or not they should replace or repair their concrete. The good news is that most concrete repair work has made great strides in its respective field over the past few decades, which is why it is often cheaper and even more environmentally friendly. So contact us for a consultation when you see any cracks or issues with your patio, driveway, etc. Our highly-experienced team will be able to identify if it can be rectified by a simple repair.

Once you have made your decision to repair the concrete, there are still some other factors to decide. Will you simply repair the damaged (cracks, potholes, etc.), or renovate the entire slab of concrete in order to maintain some level of uniformity? Damage assessment is an integral factor in this selection process.

Fortunately, Omega Masonry specializes at concrete installation and repair jobs. We ensure that you get the best advice in regards to choosing the type of concrete repair as well as the myriad of other decisions you have to make as the client.

Types of Concrete Repair

At Omega Masonry, we offer a wide array of concrete repair services. 

Epoxy Injection: This method is utilized in residential and industrial concrete repair, as it is designed for fixing small cracks in the concrete (0.05 mm). It involves the injection of a flexible adhesive (epoxy) into the fault in the concrete through the entry port that was previously drilled into the concrete. Although it is used for repairing large structures like buildings and bridges, cracks have been known to recur near the sight of the epoxy injection. This is why epoxy injection is a delicate process that requires a lot of skill and experience in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome. This should be taken into account when selecting the method of concrete repair.

Stitching (Cross Stitching): If you choose this method, we will be drilling holes on both sides of the crack in order to grout U-shaped pieces of metal with short legs (staples/stitching dogs) that will cover the crack in its entirety. The holes made in the concrete will then be cleaned, and the staples bonded into the concrete through a bonding adhesive or non-shrink grout. It’s important to note that this is typically utilized for longitudinal cracks which appear to be in relatively good condition.

The Drill and Plug: This method is mostly used for vertical cracks, i.e. cracks that are accessible only from one side. A hole ( 50 to 75 mm in diameter ) will be drilled into the center of the crack. A grout key ( a fluid ) will fill the gaps in order to prevent the concrete around the crack from moving or worsening the crack. If you wish to avoid water leakage at all costs, then we will fill the gaps with an alternative to grout.

These are just some of the many methods for concrete repair, and our team will be more than happy to suggest other methods during your consultation with us.

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