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Chimney Repair in Coppell, Texas.

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Looking for chimney repair contractor in Coppell, Texas? Before you make your final decision, check out what Omega has to offer. Contact us today at (214) 473-5858

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There are many homes throughout Coppell, Texas with truly beautiful fireplaces and chimneys. Although, Coppell can be quite warm in the summer Texans love their fireplaces and prefer those with high craftsmanship specially the ones made from red brick. As with everything in your home, fireplaces need repairs. At Omega Masonry this is what we do! We have been doing fireplaces repairs and builds for many years. But, in the last decade we have focus in delivering the best brick and stone fireplace maintenance and repairs you can find in Coppell, Texas. If experience is what you expect contact the pros at Omega Masonry. After all, you wouldn’t want an apprenticed working on your fireplace or chimney?

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If you are looking for your run of the mill chimney repair contractor in Coppell, TX, you can go to Yelp and get one of the many listings with an unproven record repairing natural stone fireplaces and chimneys or you can contact Omega for a professional job you will love! Unlike many other masonry type jobs maintaining and repairing brick fireplaces requires workmanship one cannot learn online. This type of skill set is learned on the job next to a master mason and developed over the years. When you hire us you are hiring a professional masonry contractor with extensive know-how in maintaining brick fireplaces and chimneys. If you only knew, the number of times we get call to a property because the homeowner is not satisfied with the finish work and in many the job wasn’t completed. Today everyone have become too reliant on Google as a source of information. The majority if times it is the thing to do! However when searching for professional to repair your brick or stone chimney it litter bit of extra research may be ideal in order to identify the contractor with the best workmanship. With that said, we look forward renovating your fireplace and or chimney. On the other hand if you are just looking for info for a chimney restoration project check out our blog.

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How to Know If Your Masonry Needs Tuckpointing

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Tuckpointing, sometimes referred to as repointing, is the process of repairing the mortar joints in stone or brick masonry walls by grinding or raking out old mortar then filling in the space with new mortar. In Texas –as well as surrounding areas- tuckpointing is often needed to update older homes or in situations where significant water damage has caused deterioration. It can be a labor-intensive job, so should not be approached by the novice homeowner, but instead done by a professional masonry team like Omega. You can trust our masonry team with all of your tuckpointing repair needs.

For many people, the need to repoint their masonry comes as a surprise, because they believe that brick never needs maintenance. And, while brick generally does not require ongoing work, the mortar occasionally requires updating. But how do you know if tuckpointing is needed for your home or office? The easiest way to determine if repointing is needed is by taking a key or screwdriver and dragging it across the mortar joint. If it scratches up powdered material, then you know you’re a candidate for tuckpointing. If the masonry is still good, it should not be able to be scratched at all.

Signs that Repointing is needed for Your Texas Home

For most homes, you can go as many as 5 –in some cases 10- decades without needed to repoint, so if you have lived in the same location for many years or have purchased an older home, then you should periodically walk the perimeter of your home and look for the following indicators that suggest you need repair:

  • Weathered or flakey mortar can be a sign of deteriorating integrity in the masonry.
  • Cracked or missing mortar is a definite sign and re-pointing would definitely be recommended
  • Mismatched coloring in the mortar. This is a sign of an inappropriate re-pointing done in the past and the integrity is hard to tell on face value. Re-pointing can be done as a precaution.

Should you discover that your home’s exterior masonry needs repointing work done, do not put it off indefinitely! When mortar has been compromised – typically due to age or because of excessive water or moisture – it will cause the brick and the mortar to expand and contract with the heat, and ultimately cause structural problems. Worse, should the repointing be needed in your Texas home’s chimney, you could find yourself dealing with issues such as a rusted damper, deteriorating metal, and rotting wood. Of course, another reason to do repointing work sooner rather than later is because the problem will only get worse, and ultimately cost more to repair later down the road.

When your Texas home’s exterior needs repointing, do not put it off– it will only get worse. Contact Omega Masonry to schedule a consultation and learn what steps need to be taken to get your home back in great shape. We are here to help your home always look its best.

About Chimney Repair in Coppell, TX.

When searching for a fireplace repair contractor in Coppell, Texas, we are aware that you have options. All we ask is that before you sign a contract give us the opportunity to show you our work. We also need you to be aware that, we are a full service masonry company offering a wide range of services.

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