Grounds Design & Installation

  • Intelligent Landscape Design & Installation
  • Our Design Engineers work your ideas into an all-encompassing Landscaping Plan; and our installation team focuses on the artistic details that make your project is as beautiful as you imagined.
  • Master Retaining Wall Engineers & Installation Team
  • Certified for both commercial and private endeavors, our Retaining Wall Engineers devise retaining walls for every imaginable purpose; and rely upon our Retaining Wall Masons for Professional Installation.

Curbside Appeal

  • Our Sidewalk & Driveway Concept Team
  • Our Design Engineers and Masons are at your disposal for your walkway, steps and driveway needs.
    They can help resolve issues like gradients,soil erosion, poor drainage, and buckling concrete.
  • Our Column Mailbox Team For Curbside Sentinels with Flare
  • We build and repair Column mailboxes in brick, stone, stucco, concrete & cast stone; utilizing designs
    ranging from simple square structures to ornate arches with companion planters.

Comfortable Outdoor Living

  • Masonry Artisans & Certified Engineers for Beautiful Patios, Striking Pools,Practical Outdoor Kitchens & Artistic Fireplaces
  • Our outdoor living accoutrements are more than just functional, they are works of art,and are overseen by our engineers for assurance of quality and compliance!
  • Our Expert Fencing Team for Graceful Fences, Stunning Arbors, Custom Pergolas & Amazing Decks
  • We think our Fencing Team is the most
    adept woodworking team in NE Texas. They have a keen eye, and a true appreciation for the homeowner’s desires.

Maintaining Your Beautiful Home

  • Our Talented Stucco Team Modern Beauty at Every Turn
  • This team KNOWS stucco and their elegant results are equally compelling on new construction or stucco resurfacing projects.
  • Our Roofing Team Reliable Roofing Contractors
  • Our respected full-service Roofing Team is dependable and knowledgeable;and fully licensed and insured for both residential and commercial projects.

Repair Teams At the Ready!

  • Our Brick Repair Team Timely, Capable Repairs
  • Our Brick Repair Team performs tuck & point repairs, structural wall repairs, archway repairs, chimney repairs, fireplace repairs, turret repairs, and more.They are true craftsmen with insightful information about mortar, brick, and brick reclamation.
  • Our Stone Repair Team Knowledgeable AND Brawny!
  • Stone Masons are incredibly talented artisans who build and maintain everything from retaining walls to curbside mailboxes. We respect their talent AND the remarkable results they achieve.

Omega Masonry – Commercial Services

At Omega our Professional Teams are renowned for their diligent follow-through with municipalities and industrial concerns. We are fully licensed and insured for commercial endeavors; and employ the services of accomplished engineers who oversee our efforts at every turn. The logos below represent a partial list of the many business & government projects we have participated in.