The Elements of Fireplace Maintenance

img_0193It’s that time of year when we start thinking about roasting marshmallows or perhaps curling up with a blanket in front of a fire and just relaxing. After all, what is fall without the excitement and pleasure of a roaring fire in the fireplace! However, these activities can only be done if you have a fireplace that has been properly maintained. After all, without proper maintenance, your Plano, Texas home’s fireplace can quickly become a cause for stress rather than one pleasure.

3 Elements of Plano, TX Fireplace Maintenance

“So what needs to be done to ensure that your Plano fireplace is ready for the upcoming season?” So glad you asked. After all, there is more to it than merely making sure that the hearth has been swept and the firewood cut and stacked! You want to be sure that your fireplace is not in need of any repairs and that the chimney and its components are working properly. The following proactive maintenance steps will ensure that your fireplace is ready for action, so that you can simply relax this season.
• Hire a professional chimney sweep to clean the chimney of any debris buildup such as soot and creosote. If these fire byproducts are left to build up on the walls of your chimney, the result can be a dangerous chimney fire that emits hot smoke and gasses into your home.
• Take time to examine the exterior of your Plano, Texas chimney and note any cracks or sections where the mortar or brick may be pulling away from the wall. If you note any loose bricks or cracks, call in a professional such as Omega Masonry to make the repairs.
• As you check the exterior, also note whether the chimney cap is in good repair, that the damper is positioned properly and that the chimney is structurally sound. You can do this easily by lighting a few pieces of wood in the fireplace from the top down. If the smoke enters the room rather than exiting up, then you will know that debris, animal nests (especially if you do not have a chimney cap!) or perhaps a closed damper is causing a problem.

Quick Tips for the Fireplace

If you are new to having a Plano, Texas home with a fireplace, then you might have a few concerns regarding their use. These tips can make any fireplace rookie a pro in no time at all.
• Only burn seasoned wood. This is wood that has been cut and dried for a minimum of 6 months. Split wood will dry more thoroughly and better than whole logs.
• Burn hardwoods like oak, ash, and maple rather than soft woods like pine, poplar, and cedar. Hardwoods will bring more heat and leave less mess.
• Clean the ash from the fireplace whenever it reaches the bottom of the grate; however, keep at least an inch of the ash in place, as it will make it easier to start fires.
• Open the chimney damper and add kindling to start the fire.

Taking care of your Plano, TX fireplace is a great way to ensure that you can enjoy a night in front of the fire whenever you are ready. So, make plans now to spend some time doing fireplace maintenance – you will be glad you did.