Tips for Cold Weather Masonry Care

stucco_720Although it is rare for Dallas, Texas to get extremely cold that doesn’t mean it never happens. And, as the winter months are just around the corner, one might ask if there are any special steps that should be taken to protect masonry work. Sure, concrete and brick are quite impervious to the elements and can withstand much, but it never hurts for Dallas homeowners to take a few minutes to take precautionary measure to protect or sure up the concrete or brick work for their retaining walls, mailboxes, chimneys, driveways and more.

Winter Care and Maintenance for Masonry Work

Sure, your concrete and brickwork is tough, after all that was one of the selling points, but it never hurts to take some proactive measures. The following will keep your Dallas masonry looking  great.

  1. Never apply harsh chemical designed for snow or ice removal to your masonry work. If you need traction, consider using sawdust, sand or even cat litter.
  2. Especially during the first year following installation, products such as deicers should not be used as they contain high amounts of ammonium, which will attack and break down the surface of your Texas masonry. In many instances, concrete can be cleaned using a basic dish detergent and water. For more difficult stains, try a solution that is a 50/50 blend of water and bleach, and if necessary, a scrub brush or light water pressure.
  3. In the event that you notice an oil stain or other discoloring, look for a product designed for the particular stain in question, then be sure to read the back of the container. If you have Dallas-customized-masonry-work2questions, give us a call.
  4. If it has been a while since your concrete porch, patio, or driveway have been sealed, consider doing it before the weather drops, as it is easier to do. If you have stamped concrete, the sealant should be redone every 2 to 3 years.
  5. Prior, as well as during the winter, inspect the masonry surface for cracks and other damage such as spalling. These areas should be repaired sooner rather than later so that additional moisture cannot seep in and result in problems that are more extensive.

These tips can help your concrete and brick structures continue to look and perform at the top level. But, should you have any questions or think some masonry repairs are needed, don’t hesitate to call the Dallas, Texas masonry pros at Omega Masonry. With our years of experience in mason installation and repair, we can have your place looking fantastic in no time. Contact Omega Masonry today.