How to Clean Masonry Stone

When your Allen, TX home is brick or masonry stone, you can typically take excessive maintenance jobs off your  To Do list. But, that does not mean that masonry is totally work free. It will still be necessary for you to do basic jobs such as inspect the mortar and joints or perhaps clean it, in order to keep it looking its best.

And, while you might think that cleaning masonry for your Allen, Texas is unnecessary, you might be surprised to learn that taking time every now and again to freshen it up will make it easier to inspect and note the status of your brickwork. However, before you get started on cleaning your home’s masonry work, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Tips for Cleaning Masonry:

If the time has come to spruce up your masonry, or perhaps your masonry work is relatively new and you want to keep it looking that way, there are things you need to do in order to get the best results. It is important to note that cleaning masonry is not a solo job, so be sure to have someone there to help! 

  1. Do not use sandblasting or muriatic acid. While you will find those who recommend this approach, it is not the best choice available as it leaves the masonry open to weather- related decay. It can also leave behind streaks, burns, or create metallic stains.
  2. Do use cleaners that we recommend, and let us show/tell you what you need to do. By using the right cleaner you can often improve the original color of the masonry.
  3. In the event that you have put in new masonry work, don’t immediately be proactive in cleaning any residue left behind. Rather, wait between 2 weeks and a month to do any cleaning. Rushing to do so can actually cause joint damage, or hinder the curing process.
  4. Be sure certain to take all precautionary measures the cleaner lists, and then take time to use the cleaner on a small test spot to see how it is going to work.
  5. Before beginning the cleaning process, take time to pre-wet the masonry to give it a uniform, clean appearance. By pre-wetting the masonry, it will keep the cleaner on the surface of the stone and mortar, which will give better results.
  6. Use a low-pressure spray or masonry washing brush to ensure the brick is not damaged. Then, when you are finished with the cleaning process, be careful to rinse the area completely.

Using these tips will help you keep your Allen, Texas home looking its best. If you have questions regarding cleaning your home’s masonry work, or perhaps have questions about the status of your brickwork, give the Omega team a call today.