The Perfect Masonry Mailbox

The mailbox is a central element of your front lawn’s landscape. And as such, you should not overlook this important part of the yard. Whether you choose to show it off with flowers, statuary, or opt to have a masonry mailbox built, adding style to your mailbox provides curb appeal.


But in addition to the decorative element, a masonry mailbox at the end of your Texas home’s driveway means longevity. How? Because a brick mailbox has the following advantages:

  • It can withstand strong winds and rain.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about the post being rotted out.
  • While basic mailboxes are easy targets for vandalism, a masonry mailbox cannot be damaged by ball bats or other similar objects.
  • They add curb appeal due to the many ways they can be personalized.
  • Depending on the type of masonry mailbox you have, you can add to the resale value of your property.
  • They require minimal maintenance for the years of dependability they bring.


So, with all these advantages of a masonry mailbox, now the only questions are when will you have one built, what style will you choose, and how will you make it yours?


Types of Masonry Mailboxes:

There are several types of masonry mailboxes from which to choose. The basic brick mailbox can have an arched top, a flat top, a steeple top or even one that mimics the lines of your home’s roof.  A more elaborate design, sometimes referred to as projected courses, which gives the illusion of more dimension, quoin corner mailboxes that indent or protrude to compliment the design of the home, planter boxes, and masonry boxes designed for multi residential homes or offices.


Adding Distinguishing Factors to Your Masonry Mailbox

While there are many ways to customize your mailbox through different colors of bricks, the type of top, using cast stone or in choosing an address plate, these are not the only way to spruce up your Texas home’s mailbox. Two of the most common approaches is through adding planter boxes or by lighting.


Lights are a great way to add ambiance as well as add an extra measure of security to your home. Choose a light that compliments your home’s design and is at least twice the height of your mailbox.  If you wish to include a light with your mailbox, talk to our installation team at Omega Masonry, and we will be happy to help you.


Planters are a beautiful way to add style and color. From sun-hearty plants like cactus and sunflowers, to evergreens, creeping vines or seasonal flowers such as pansies or mums, there are many gorgeous flowers that will compliment your masonry mailbox. With a range of masonry planters for you to choose from, we can help you decide what type of planter will work best for your masonry mailbox design.


So, when are you going to give your tired, basic mailbox an upgrade? Give the Omega Masonry team a call today and have a new brick or stucco mailbox in no time at all.