Using Masonry to Enhance Your Plano, Texas Landscape

There is more to landscaping than plants, trees and grass. Yes, those are certainly key elements but they are not the only ones. In Plano, Texas as well as surrounding areas, many homeowners and businesses have found that incorporating masonry elements such as concrete pavers, low walls, and other elements are a great way to add dimension to the landscape and show off their style, too.


If you are looking for ways to help enhance your Plano, Texas yard design, then there are many options available. Here are just a few:


Walkways – Do you have several small garden areas in your landscape design? Why not connect them with a curving path made with decorative masonry pavers? There are many choices in colors, size, and style so you are sure to be able to find something that suits your style.


Retaining Walls – This is not just a decorative feature, but serves as a way to prevent erosion. They can vary in height so can even add a privacy element to your yard, or create a better barrier for keeping pets inside (or perhaps outside of) your yard.


Patio – Create the perfect space for outdoor entertaining with a custom build patio. Consider adding in a fireplace, fire pit or perhaps even an outdoor kitchen or bar area and then all that is missing is you and your friends making memories under the Texas sky.

Steps – Does your landscape have a significant slope? Consider having masonry steps to make it easier to access that part of the yard. Add some decorative elements such as a fountain, plants or other fun feature to take style to a new level.


Poolside-  Create a custom pool patio with decorative masonry work or stamped concrete. From stones to fountains, to designing a stained concrete pattern of your own, there are many ways to incorporate masonry elements in a poolside entertainment area.


Entryways –  Spruce up the front of your home with a custom masonry entryway.  You can opt for a variety of brick or paver color choices or opt for stonework and tinted grout but however you decide having a one of a kind entryway is a great use of masonry.


Columns –  Add some height and elegance to your landscape with by including some masonry columns along the walkway or drive. Add in a couple of lights, or have one designed to contain your mailbox and you combine functionality with beauty.


Garden Wall – Create a masonry garden wall around your raised flower garden to showcase the beauty of nature, while ensuring that the soil stays where you want it.


The goal of using masonry in the landscape is to create a balanced atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation through combining the hardscape elements with soft features such as water, plants and shrubbery. It can be achieved for virtually any Plano, Texas landscape, so there is no reason to bypass this great way to add curb appeal. It’s just a matter of what appeals to your needs and the space available.


If you have never considered using masonry in your Plano, Texas landscape then now is the perfect time of year to do so. After all, spring will be here before you know it and you will be eager to spend more time outside. Why not talk to the Omega Masonry team and learn how we can incorporate masonry elements into your landscape design. From patios to outdoor fireplaces, we are happy to help you take your landscaping ideas and turn them into a reality. Give us a call today.