How to Deal with Mold or Moss on Bricks

As you travel across Texas, you will see a large number of brick homes. Some old, some new, some big, and some small – but no matter the age or the style one of the many things they have in common is a minimal need to do repair and maintenance work. However, that doesn’t mean they are maintenance free.

One concern for brick structures is mold. Again, this is not an issue for every brick building, but it can be a problem for brick homes and commercial locations where shade and moisture collide. The growth of mold might seem minor, but if ignored, it can prematurely age and weaken the bricks. Other problems caused by mold on brickwork includes discoloration of the brick or mortar, or in the case of mold on stepping stones the bricks can become slippery and dangerous. It should also be noted that mold is most likely to form during the winter, but it can happen whenever there is an excess of wet weather, during times of high humidity, or on walls where there is a great deal of shade.


Preventing Mold Related Brick Damage

As Ben Franklin stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By being proactive with your brick structure you can save trouble down the road. So make time to do the following:

  • Promptly remove any fallen leaves or other debris that encourages moss growth. Leaving them decreases the amount of sun the brick gets and increases the amount of moisture retained.
  • When building, be sure to build where heavy shade won’t encourage growth; in an older home, trim back longer branches.
  • Spray the brick monthly with a bleach solution (1-part bleach to 9 parts water) to prevent growth.
  • Position zinc strips along the length of an area where moss is prone to grow (roofs, shaded areas, etc.) . When it rains, the chemicals will spread and can prevent the growth of moss for up to 15 feet below them.


Removing Brick Mold

The mold can be removed from the bricks by power washing the affected area. Set the sprayer at 300ppi and spray only on the brick. Allow the water to sit on the surface for at least 30 minutes, then use gently scrub the area with a knife blade or a stiff brush. Spray with the hose to remove moss.


Stained Brick

Once the moss has been removed, you may discover that your brickwork’s color has been tinted. This can typically be removed using the same bleach solution as above. Then, while wearing eye protection and using a firm brush, scrub the affected area. Rinse and repeat if needed. Keep in mind that the bleach mixture can be harmful to plants, and can lighten the mortar – but at least the mold will be gone!


Be sure to minimize risk of mold related brick damage on your Texas home. Take preventive steps as well as make time to eliminate mold at the first sighting of mold. If you have questions about mold, or need structural or repair work done to the brick of your Texas home, give Omega Masonry a call today.