Selecting the Ideal Frisco, TX Mailbox

Archtop Mailbox design

Having a brick residential mailbox for your Frisco, TX home is a great way to provide curb appeal, as well as protect your mailbox from vandalism.  After all, what’s not to love about a stately Frisco brick home complete with a brick mailbox?

Sure, the mail can get to your home regardless of the type of mailbox you have, but if you want a lasting approach to curb appeal, then the brick mailbox is a must. Plus, when it comes to practicality, a brick mailbox means that you won’t need to replace or repair your box as often as non-masonry. Why?  Because they are sturdier, aren’t damaged by rowdy drivers and can withstand strong winds. Of course, they are susceptible to vehicular damage – but they still hold up better than a basic mailbox will!

So, then the question becomes, “what type of brick mailbox should I have built?” Thankfully, there are many different considerations in residential brick mailboxes – from brick color to design to elements, this means you are certain to find a style that suits your needs, budget and aesthetics. Here are few ideas to get you started.


Types of Brick Mailboxes for Your Frisco, Texas Home 

Just because you have a brick mailbox, doesn’t mean you are limited in style as you are with a standard mailbox atop a post. Check these out:

  • Projecting Courses – Have a horizontal layer of bricks added to the top in a flat pattern and give more definition and design. By changing the look from brick running lengthwise horizontally, to short end out and vertically placed, you add some fun to the finished look.
  • Archtops – Whether it is a standard arch that flows into the column of the mailbox, or an eyebrow arch that is angled to the base, the archtop design is perfect for nearly any Frisco home’s architectural design.
  • Gabled Top – This is a high arch that comes to a point. It adds a regal, almost castle-like look to your mailbox. Other approaches to the gabled top are the steeple finish and the Baroque design. The Baroque style is a very sophisticated design so it adds an extra bot of elegance to your Frisco brick mailbox.
  • Double Capstone – A simple yet elegant mailbox structure that adds dimension. By having two capstones, the mail receptacle is placed resting on the first capstone with slight ledge below and above.
  • Newspaper Holders – Still get the newspaper delivered? No problem, have a round, square or rectangular shaped piece built into your brick mailbox. The newspaper holders are available in different sizes, so you can choose one (or even more than one) that meets your needs. In the case of multiple holders, they can be placed either vertically, horizontally or in a scenario with three holders, in a triangular pattern.

The brick mailbox is truly a work of art. It can be designed to enhance your existing architecture, be crafted with multiple boxes, be decorated with cast stone plaques, and much more. The choices are up to you. So, don’t put off adding curb appeal to your Frisco, Texas residence. Talk to an Omega Masonry pro today to learn how we can design and build a brick mailbox that meets and exceeds your expectations. We can’t wait to hear from you.