Working with a Plano, TX Mailbox Installer

brick mailboxes Plano 75023In a perfect world where the ground was completely level at the foot of the driveway, building a sturdy mailbox that cannot be easily damaged would be a no brainer. One could simply decide on a type of masonry mailbox, and in no time at all, have the mailbox built. But, that is simply not the case!  Rather, if you want a great looking masonry mailbox for your Plano, Texas home, you need to spend some time working with a mailbox installer to ensure your investment is everything you imagine.

A mailbox installer understands how important it is to you to have a beautiful yet practical and properly constructed mailbox for your Plano home. When you meet with an installation expert, they will likely ask you to confirm a few key questions:

  1. Are any restrictions required by your HOA regarding your mailbox? After all, sometimes it is important that one think about how close the mailbox is to the road or yard, as you don’t want to risk structural damage to your box.
  2. How big does your mailbox need to be?
  3. How quickly do you need the mailbox installation done?

In the event that mailbox installation is needed because the first one was damaged due to a vehicle or perhaps that wooden post has stood its last day, then consider placing the existing mailbox on a pile of bricks or other window-height element so that your mail can still be delivered.


When a mailbox installer arrives to build your mailbox, be sure you have made arrangements to still receive your mail. You may need to notify your Plano neighborhood postal service of the upgrade, or check on any postal service preferences for mailbox installation. Fortunately, most postal services are very understanding about the mailbox installation process and will work with you as upgrades are made.


In the event that it is not a new mailbox installation, but rather a rebuild or repair, then be certain that all expectations of the Plano mailbox installer are understood in advance. At Omega Masonry, it is our goal to always repair, design, build or rebuild your mailbox to your expectations. We will be happy to answer your questions about the mailbox installation process so that you can understand the value of a well-built masonry mailbox.



To get the masonry mailbox you have always wanted, you will need to talk to a Plano masonry mailbox installer and learn what options are available. At Omega Masonry, you can count on getting the mailbox built according to your expectations. Our Plano mailbox installation team understands the value of having a great looking mailbox and will work to ensure that your mailbox is everything you need it to be. If you have questions about your Plano, Texas mailbox installation, give us a call at 214.935.3924 today.