Brick Repairs & Restoration in Plano and Frisco, Texas

When it comes to Plano, Texas brick repairs or restoration, you don’t want to wait around to see if the job should be done. Like any home repair project, the longer you put it off, the more damage will occur and the greater the expense to have the job done.

Do keep in mind that every Plano brick repair and restoration job is unique, and each will require an approach specific to the type of damage, the location of the repair to be done, type of brick to be used and any other extenuating circumstances that affect the finished job. However, when you work with Omega Masonry, you can be sure we will not skimp on the collecting of details or in ensuring the brick restoration and repair work goes above and beyond the expectations.

Common Brick Repairs and Restoration Jobs in Plano, Texas

But, while not every Plano, Texas brick repair or restoration project is the same, there are some common tell-tale signs which indicate the need for a masonry company. Be sure to be alert to these potential brick architectural problems:

  • Stains – If your home or office is listed on the historic registry, or perhaps you just want to keep your bricks in their original state, then brick staining is a great way to maintain the integrity of the original brick and mortar.
  • Leaks – If you notice there are leaks at the joints of your brickwork, don’t ignore them as it can lead to even more serious problems to the structural elements of your home.
  • Leaning – If any part of your home’s walls, chimney, retaining walls, mailbox or other brick elements are leaning then they can-and likely will – eventually crumble. Getting the bricks repaired will prevent further damage. Leaning is often caused due to cracks and bulges in lower grade brick or when brick goes below the dirt line of the house.
  • Diagonal or Stair-step Cracks – Elements in nature such as frost or thermal expansion, or settling due to age can cause the mortar to deteriorate and result in a very distinct pattern of damage. This type of brick repair is most often needed at the corners of a building.
  • Chimney Issues – From leaks to pulling away from the house itself, when the bricks in your chimney become weak or in ill repair there are many problems you will have to deal with. Avoid these problems with prompt brick repair or restoration.
  • Doors and Windows – Sometimes referred to as lintel damage, this is when caulking or sealing was not done correctly, and results in openings in the brick walls. This leads to causing moisture to be trapped and eventually result in cracked or loose bricks in the wall.
  • Spalling – Perhaps one of the most common of Plano brick repairs, spalling is caused by water and frost leaking into an entry point within the walls- often at a window or door.


Of course, sometimes one may not recognize the extent of a brick restoration and repair to be accomplished, and consequently it is not until the problem is significant that a Plano masonry expert is called in. When this happens, it is vital that you tell them as much as you can about your home and anything you may know about the bricks previously used.

The Omega Masonry team understands the importance of quality Plano brick repairs and restoration. We will listen to your needs and give you an assessment of what it will take to accomplish the task. Don’t let your brickwork go into disrepair. Give the Omega Masonry team a call today.