Chimney Repair in Frisco, TX

With spring just around the corner in Frisco, Texas, we begin to think about cookouts, backyard parties, and other summertime activities. And, before you know it, the need for a fire in the fireplace is forgotten – at least until next fall. However, if you suspect that your chimney may need to be repaired, then this is the perfect time to talk to a Frisco, TX Omega Masonry professional about making those needed chimney repairs.

When it comes to home ownership, there are many jobs that have to be done. One of these is ensuring chimney repairs are made. Yet, despite the importance keeping your Frisco home’s chimney in good repair, it is often one of the most neglected, undetected and misdiagnosed elements of the home. Consequently, there can be an assortment of chimney and fireplace related issues.

Common Frisco, Texas Chimney Repairs

If you never taken time to look for chimney damage or repairs, then first you need to know what you are looking for. Here are some commonly needed chimney repairs in Frisco, Texas.

  • Deterioration – As your home ages and settles, this can affect your chimney’s brickwork. Combine those with the effects of weather, and the brick can become porous and issues such as spalling can occur. In fact, dealing with spalling is one of the most common of Frisco chimney brick repairs. The spalling allows moisture into the bricks which then causes separations between the chimney’s structure and the mortar. If not corrected, the bricks will eventually begin to fall off and be found at the chimney’s base.
  • Cracked Crowns – Sometimes chimneys are built with substandard mortar. When this happens, the crowns will shrink and crack and thus allow water to enter the chimney. This is a chimney repair you don’t want to ignore.
  • Structural Cracks – Not only can the crown become cracked, but the chimney structure can become cracked. This allows smoke particles from the fire to deposit and build up within the walls of the chimney and cause creosote to form. When creosote becomes too hot it becomes extremely flammable. So, should you notice that your chimney contains loose bricks, eroding mortar, or has begun to lean, it is time to talk to us about a type of chimney repair known as tuckpointing.
  • Incorrect Dimensions – Understanding how to build a proper chimney is becoming a lost skill. Sadly, many chimneys are being built with incorrect dimensions, which then results downdrafts and smoke being able to enter the living area. If you suspect that your home’s chimney is not designed correctly, then this is great time to have it rebuilt or re-designed.

Omega Masonry of Frisco, Texas is here to handle all your chimney repair needs. We have experienced crews who understand the nuances of chimney design and will be able to make the corrections needed so that your home’s chimney will be ready for action next fall. Don’t wait until a small chimney repair becomes a major one. Give us a call today.