Retaining Wall Repairs in McKinney, TX

In McKinney, Texas there are nearly as many reasons to have retaining walls as there are the walls themselves. Be it to add a decorative element to an otherwise drab landscape or to provide a good-looking wall to prevent erosion, the use of retaining walls is a common part of the Texas landscape.

Consequently, at some point of the lifespan of living at a location, there will be a need to do either retaining wall maintenance or repairs. After all, while concrete, stone, brick or stucco are sturdy, these materials are not going to last forever – no matter how much we might want them to!   That said, typically, retaining wall problems fall into one of two categories –tilted walls or loose materials.

In the tilted wall scenario, the issue is due to the wall leaning downhill instead of being tilted back uphill. The leaning is a result of gravity plus the weight of earth behind it. When this happens, it is unlikely that the wall can be simply pushed back into alignment. Rather the retaining wall will need to be torn down and rebuilt. In the event that your McKinney, Texas retaining wall need repairs due to lose materials, cracking, a loose cap or other elements then it is wise to talk to a mason about making the repairs.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep retaining wall repairs to a minimum. The first of which is to let a professional build the retaining wall for you, as there are a number of facets that must be in place in the building process and a pro knows what these are. 

However, once the wall is built, some basic maintenance steps you can take include: Noting that the drainage around the wall is working properly. The walls should be built to allow for draining, however, if there is water or wet soil behind the wall, then that needs to be removed and you will want to talk to a McKinney mason about retaining wall repairs.

In addition to paying attention to whether there is any blockage, know whether or not your retaining wall was built with weep holes. These are designed to allow water to run through the walls. Sometimes, these can get clogged and need to be cleaned.  This can be done with a length of wire or a screwdriver used to get the dirt out.

Retaining wall repair and maintenance will go a long way to ensuring your McKinney home’s retaining walls last for a long time. If you have questions about the repair of your retaining wall, or perhaps you are ready to have one built, give the Omega Masonry team a call today.