About Us

Turning your Humblest Concepts
into Beautifully-Crafted Reality

Omega Masonry has never specialized in one specific masonry skill. Our notoriety can be attributed to masons who are as adept at creating outdoor fireplaces as they are at building retaining walls; and as meticulous when framing stamped concrete as when performing brick and masonry repairs. This versatility procured our outstanding reputation in the private sector, at commercial endeavors, and among municipalities in the DFW area.

Our team of technicians and estimators are not only qualified, they are highly-experienced. Before we begin construction, projects are signed off by our design engineer whose geotechnical expertise helps ensure the success of any project, great or small. This team’s primary function is collaboration. They equally consider the input of clients, technicians, and crew members; helping us produce work that is both beautiful and sound.

The past decade has been a busy one for Omega Masonry. In response to client requests, we have added additional contractors to help fulfill a larger variety of homeowner needs. Procuring their services was the precursor to creating Omega Companies – a general contracting corporation who can address nearly any homeowner need – from turf to roof.