Mailbox Repairs (Brick & Stone)

Column Mailboxes are functional, attractive curbside sentinels. However, their vigilant service is often interrupted when automotive mishaps occur. Omega Masonry’s skilled mailbox contractors can usually facilitate mailbox repairs within the same week the calamity occurs.

The Ins-and-Outs of Mailbox Repair


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Vehicle incidents range from catastrophic to low-impact issues. When you contact your insurance company, inform them Omega has nearly two decades of experience facilitating this type of repair.


Our first goal will be to determine how many brick can be reclaimed. If fewer than 20% remain viable, we may suggest that you start fresh using modern brick and mortars. Modern brick and mortar is extremely durable. This highly-compacted material will extend the life of your metal mailbox by better protecting it from moisture, and require fewer point-and-tuck mortar repairs throughout its lifetime.

If 20% or more of your brick can be reclaimed, (including partial pieces that our skilled masons can re-use by repositioning them in the design), our next step will be to obtain replacement brick that comes as close as humanly possible to both the color and era of your original brick. The second criteria is especially important, because bricks with different permeability require different mortars.


IMG_5715The Leaning or Crumbling Column Mailbox

Column Mailbox Repair is also required when mailboxes begin to lean, become misshapen, or when the brick or mortar begins crumbling.

This type of masonry repair requires expertise about what kinds of elements caused the mailbox to shift or deteriorate. Sometimes the answer is simply that someone didn’t call a mason when the mortar began to age. Other times, drainage and footing issues might be at play.

Once again, Omega Masonry has been facilitating mailbox repairs for nearly two decades. You can count on us to get to the crux of the matter.


Column Mailbox Upgrades


Making the Best of a Bad Situation

When calamity strikes, it’s sometimes a beneficial to incorporate upgrades into your rebuilt column. Planters, security drop boxes, rust-free cast aluminum chute mailboxes, cast stone toppers, and address plaques are enhancements that help make your curbside mailbox functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Mailbox Upgrade