Column Mailboxes are simple feats of construction that can certainly go wrong. One example is a mailbox that isn’t mounted on a footing, in spite of obvious indications that it should have been. Omega’s qualified mailbox contractors have built column mailboxes that lasted eons. We’re ready to serve your needs, as well.


Building a Functional, Attractive Column Mailbox

Understanding the Basics

mailbox repair plano tx Our column mailboxes are not just a hollow structure that holds a mailbox. We begin with a formed cinderblock center and apply the brick or stucco around it.

But before removing a single blade of grass, we examine the location to make sure it has sufficient drainage. Mild inclines can be accommodated by tiering the bottom rows. More abrupt inclines may require both drainage and a footing.

The range of materials that can be utilized for column mailboxes is astounding. Brick can be mixed and matched into any pattern; and everything from block stone to flagstone can be fitted over the column mailbox core. Also popular are cast stone and stucco creations.



Choobrick doctor dr plano tx masonrysing a Workable Mailbox Design

The great thing about a column mailbox is that it can be revised as needed. Experienced masons know their materials and can envision the possibilities of any given design. In fact, our mailbox contractors have been working in this medium for nearly two decades and have earned the reputation of artisans. This moniker has been awarded in part, because of their skills in mailbox design and repair.








Merging Form and Function

Mailbox Plano ContractorWhen column mailboxes are created using the same color scheme as landscaping or walkways, they bring cohesion to an entire property. In fact, there is such a wide array of design options and materials available that our curbside sentinel need never be drab nor plain.










Multi-Purpose Column Mailboxes

Many of the column mailbox innovations we see today can be attributed to a resurgence in practicality. Collectively, our nation has been influenced by the amazing homes restored under the Historic Preservation Act. Those folks certainly had it right… whenever possible, an item should serve more than one purpose. Thus, today we see column mailboxes that are planters, which hold planters, or are home to sundials, whirligigs, or light fixtures.

Brick Masonry Mailboxes



Custom Column Mailboxes

In addition to design and material choices, we can also outfit your column mailbox with things like cast stone toppers, lighting, glass blocks, (that can be outfitted with internal lighting), and cast stone address plaques. Please let us know when you have ideas you would like to incorporate into your Curbside Column Mailbox.


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