Cast Stone Repairs

Cast stone is a durable building and grounds component used for things like support posts, entryways, terrace and stairway banisters, retaining walls, and fountains or planters. Omega Masonry is schooled in the generational variations in cast stone manufacturing, and fully qualified to facilitate any Cast Stone Repairs you require.

Cast Stone Column Repair


Repairing Cast Stone Support Columns

Cast stone columns are a popular and attractive home feature that sometimes suffer from cracks and/or deterioration.Our masons fully assess load-bearing columns to determine whether a simple concrete patch will suffice; or complex shoring would facilitate a better repair.


Cast Stone Bannister Repair

Cast Stone banisters are used for terraces, balustrades, stairways and porch enclosures. When damaged or weatherworn, repair is a simple matter of determining their porosity and structural design. When our masons complete the cast stone repair, your banister will fit right in with the remaining pieces.

Cast Stone Entry Repairs

Decorative Cast Stone Repairs

Erosion and time are Cast Stone’s greatest enemies. Our cast stone repairs not only include careful attendance to the existing design, we also offer thorough cleaning of the entire piece so it presents as intended.


Cast Stone Retaining Wall Repairs


Repairing Cast Stone Retaining Walls

Cast Stone is often used for massive retaining wall structures that segregate property boundaries. Because they often border parking structures, mishaps can occur.
Omega has on-site engineers that help us determine the extent of any retaining wall damage, so that our repair efforts will be structurally sound and the cast stone will be as functional as it is attractive.

Cast Stone Address Plaque Repairs

We can Repair or Replace your Cast Stone Address Plaques

Curbside mailboxes are vulnerable to car mishaps, flooding, and weather events. Omega’s masons not only repair column mailboxes, we provide cast stone address plaques when it is necessary to replace them, or upgrade your current mailbox.


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