CMU Walls

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What is CMU Construction?

CMU stands for concrete masonry units. Their primary function is to provide the rigid strength necessary to build vertical walls that can withstand both the pressures of the earth and the weight of any outer coverings such as insulation, stone or brick.

Geophysical engineers determine the CMU wall depth and anchor type by performing intensive tests. First, they evaluate the type of soil the CMU wall will occupy, and then they assess the geological features the base of the wall will be exposed to, (such as water drainage and hillside pressures). This information establishes a wall’s necessary base width, anchor type, and where the drainage, rebar, and any liquid concrete might be required.


When is CMU Masonry Utilized?

Many modern homes are built utilizing CMU load-bearing walls to which insulation, drainage, and a facade such as stucco, brick or stone are added. Nearly any structure larger than seven stories tall will have a concrete block structure (CBS), in which rebar, I-Beams, and Steel Frame Construction play a part.

Large retaining walls, especially those that are taller than 10 feet or whose purpose is to manage large hillsides, are also constructed utilizing CMU masonry techniques. Geophysical concerns always play a key role in any concrete masonry unit construction.


What is Omega Masonry’s Experience Building CMU walls?

Omega Masonry has a solid reputation for working with municipalities and commercial concerns building massive retaining wall structures. Recently, we built an imposing engineered retaining wall encasing the entry and signage at Windstar Casino in Oklahoma. Our success at this endeavor can be attributed to the efforts of our entire team, consisting of engineers, construction managers, and talented masons. The results speak for themselves.

Our team of engineers are experts in both geophysical and civil engineering. Their expertise helps us surmount any obstacle presented by soil texture, earth pressures, or drainage issues, and more. We are confident in their assessment process and respect and honor their careful attention to detail.