Concrete Repairs

Concrete is used for many elements of architecture. Be it the foundation or the patio, the chimney or the outdoor kitchen, concrete is a versatile and durable product used by masonry professionals and homeowners alike. This is because concrete is one of the most resilient building materials out there, and one that requires very little maintenance. However, that does not mean that from time to time, concrete repairs won’t be needed.

Concrete repairs are typically needed due to exposure to the elements and can be manifested as cracks, spalling, or perhaps light flaking and but each of these can be repaired –often quite easily and quickly. As a Dallas, Texas homeowner, you may occasionally find your property in need of concrete repairs due to our long hot summers and warm fall. But no matter where the damage has occurred. But regardless of the type of the damage, concrete repairs can be made.

Concrete repairs usually fall into one of two categories – cosmetic damage or structural damage and can be corrected by the pros here at Omega Masonry. Cosmetic repairs are most often caused by the weather, as well as from excessive foot or vehicle traffic, while structural damage such as cracking, chipping or crumbling can be due to environmental factors or by poor installation procedures.

Concrete repairs should be addressed sooner rather than later, but keep in mind that- contrary to what one might think – it is easier and more efficient to have them made when the weather is cooler, and overcast. So, if you notice that there concrete repairs to be made, consider calling Omega Masonry and finding out when we recommend making the repair.

It should also be noted that needing a concrete repair does not necessarily mean removing and replacing your existing concrete area. Quite often, concrete repairs are more restoration than demolition and can be completed in a quick, efficient manner that is budget friendly. Sometimes these repairs will involve pouring new concrete, while other times it may be changing your concrete area from being a basic slab to being a beautiful stamped, stained or resurfaced area that shows off your unique style and personality.

As masonry experts, we have made our share of Dallas concrete repairs and restorations and know the best way to correct damaged concrete so the repair work is hidden. Yes, there are concrete repair products on the market, but if you want results that repair and minimize rather than just camouflage then you need to call in a professional masonry repair company. To learn more about how we can help you call 214-473-5858 or fill out the form here.