Fireplace Repairs

There is something about that first fire of the season, and we all love the ambiance a fire in the fireplace provides, but if your fireplace is in disrepair then enjoying those cozy evening in front of the fire will be but a distant memory. Fireplace repairs are something that we can often overlook, or perhaps deem unnecessary. However, to ignore fireplace repairs can have devastating results.

Fireplaces typically come in one of two styles – a masonry fireplace that is built completely from bricks, blocks of some sort and mortar; or, lightweight factory built metal fireplaces. However, while masonry fireplaces may seem indestructible, they are not. In fact, there are some common fireplace repairs, you will not want to overlook.

    • Masonry fireplaces must have an extensive footing that can support their bulk – a masonry fireplace can weigh as much as 6 tons – otherwise, it will shift and crack, causing the fire to escape and unwanted burning to occur. If it seems as though your fireplace has settled or shifted, you should start thinking about scheduling some time for fireplace repairs. This is not something to wait on, as the results can be devastating!
    • Fireplace repairs can also be needed if basic maintenance has not been kept up to date. If it is built properly, a brick fireplace can hold up for years. Masonry fireplaces last for decades because the joints and bricks will expand and contract. Yet, it is the expanding and contracting that can also result in situations where a specific section of the hearth or masonry work may be loose and need to updated. Fireplace repairs of this nature need to be made by a masonry professional.

Unlike a prefabricated fireplace, masonry fireplaces are built on-site, which means the builder can create the perfect fireplace. However, while there are many styles, the types of chimney and fireplace repairs needed are the same. A well-maintained fireplace can last for many years, and will add to the aesthetic, as well as the resale value, of your home.

If you are new to fireplace repairs, or perhaps have no idea how to check the various elements that should be inspected on a fireplace, then call Omega Masonry and talk to one of our fireplace repairs specialist. We will be happy to schedule an inspection and determine what type of, if any, fireplace repairs are needed so you can enjoy the cool weather – complete with a safely, roaring fire.