Irrigation Systems

A great deal of work went into creating that perfectly landscaped lawn. You spent long hours selecting the shrubbery, trees and flowers and you want to keep them all looking the best possible. However, you don’t want to spend several evenings every week dragging around a hose so you can water the lawn.

Enter having a professionally installed irrigation system.

Although the world of lawn irrigation systems may seem daunting, it truly isn’t. While every home irrigation system can be customized, there are only 2 types of systems – manual and automatic. The manual irrigation system is done by using hoses, sprinklers and nozzles all maintained and moved by the homeowner, while the automatic system is installed in the ground and is turned on and off based on a schedule that can be designed to work for your climate and landscaping needs.

Within the realm of the automatic irrigation systems there are designs that are either spray or drip systems. A spray irrigation system involves spraying the water over the landscape using tubes and sprays, which send out water using sprayers and sprinklers that are set to run at specific intervals. The drip system involves water moving through buried pipes and then dissipates the water through the soil. Because of the more precise delivery system, using excess water is minimized and plants are healthier.

Benefits of a Lawn Irrigation System

    1. An irrigation system increases the value of your home. Not only is your home’s value increased because of the irrigation system, but because your yard will be healthier, too.
    2. Automated irrigation systems help to conserve water, because you are watering only when it its needed, and controlling how much water is used where.
    3. Irrigation systems don’t just water the grass, the benefit trees, shrubbery and flower gardens, too.
    4. Irrigation systems can be installed in a variety designs – whether you opt for the automated style or the manual ones, you can have a system that meets your lawn’s specific needs.
    5. Having an automated irrigation saves time. No need to drag out the hose, the sprinklers and other elements need to water the lawn. Just program and go on.

Having an irrigation system that is specifically designed to meet your lawn keeping needs means that you don’t have to be concerned about how much water or when it should be applied. Rather, you can simply enjoy a beautiful green lawn all season long. If you are interested in learning more about how to keep your Plano, Texas lawn looking its best, talk to the pros at Omega Masonry about our irrigation and landscaping services. You can reach us by calling 214-473-5858 or filling out the form here.