Landscape Installation

When it comes to Plano, Texas landscapes there are several different approaches that can be taken, based on one’s particular style. You may decide to try a traditional garden and landscape approach, focus on installing new trees and greenery or perhaps use xeriscaping, but regardless your style, installing new plants is typically a part of the process.

Installing new plants can be a great deal of fun – especially if you like to spend time at a nursery! There you will find everything you need to showcase all the elements and features of your outdoor kitchen or living space. Of course, you can make your outdoor area even better installing new plants such as cilantro, basil or oregano so you can amp up your cooking.

Sometimes homeowners want to keep true to the Texas heritage by installing new plants such as Texas mountain laurel, desert willow or Mexican redbud. The laurel will bloom in the early spring, while others the early fall. Other new plants you may want to install include agarita, flame acanthus, black-eyed Susans, esperana and Texas Lantana.

3 Tips for Installing New Plants in Dallas, Texas

When installing new plants in your Dallas, Texas yard you want to consider plants that are hardy and can withstand our hot, dry summers combined with sustainable landscaping practices. By taking this approach to installing new plants will save you time and money in the long run, so keep the following in mind:

• How much maintenance do you want? If you don’t wish to spend your free time watering, weeding and cutting, then your focus in installing new plants should be to find trees, shrubs and ground covers that are either native or will easily adapt to the climate and your soil.

• What about watering? Installing new plants will require more watering at the outset, but ideally, you should be able to minimize water use, so that you only water early in the day, and only when the plants need it.

• Mulch – Installing new plants should always include using mulch, as this will help the new plants develop stronger roots while limiting weed growth, erosion and loss of water.

Installing new plants after having an outdoor fireplace or kitchen built by Omega Masonry is a great way to add even more charm and personality to your yard. If you have questions about installing new plants to complete your yard’s look, give us a call. We would love to hear from you!