Roof Repairs

The roof is the first line of protection between your home’s interior and the heat, cold, and wind of Mother Nature. This defense needs to be strong and sturdy, so don’t want to wait until you see water dripping to acknowledge that a new roof or perhaps calling someone in to fix the roof would be a good idea.
As most homeowners don’t spend a great deal of time up on the roof, Omega Masonry recognizes that many Dallas, Texas homeowners may be unaware of pending roofing needs or have no idea that their home or office needs a new roof. To help, we have some qualifiers that can help you sort out whether you merely need your roof fixed, or if a new roof is best.

New Roof or Fix the Roof – That is the Question:

How old is the existing roof? If you have an asphalt-shingled roof, then it will normally last 20 to 25 years. A slate or masonry roof can last for decades, providing basic maintenance is done. As masonry experts, Omega Masonry can help you determine if there are any areas of your roof that should be fixed.

Are any shingles curling or buckling? Perhaps some of the most common indicators that new roof is in the future is if you notice shingles that are curling or buckling.

What about the valleys? Check out the shingles in the slopes, called valleys, and note whether they are intact. These are the areas where rain will flow, so they are common problem areas. If the valley of your home’s roof is damaged, chances are high that a roof repair won’t be enough.

Are all the shingles there? Harsh winds and rain can cause shingles to be ripped off. If you notice missing shingles, give us a call, and we can assess the damage.

How secure is the chimney flashing? This is one of the biggest of the roof to be fixed – whether you have a masonry roof or a shingled roof. If your flashing becomes loose, it will be necessary to fix the roof.

Are there shingle granules in the gutters? Look at the shingle in the slopes of your home – especially those areas where there are long spans of direct sunlight – and note whether they still have full granule coverage. If they are missing a large majority of their granules, a new roof is likely needed. You will also want to check the gutters, to see if there are any granules in there – roofs that are towards the end of their lifespan, will lose more granules. Not sure how many missing granules it too many? Call Omega Masonry for an inspection.

Do you see daylight? Go up into your attic, and look up. If you see any daylight coming through, it is time to schedule a new roof. While in the attic, take time to look for places where the roof deck may be sagging, any signs of water damage or leaking, dark spots or water trails.

If you note any of these issues, then contact Omega Masonry and talk to one of our roofing specialist. We can help you determine whether you need to have a basic roof repair, or if a new roof is in the future. Contact us today!