Stucco Repairs

Most of us put off making stucco repairs to our homes, columns, retaining walls, and mailboxes because we don’t want an unsightly patch marring the overall presentation. And yes, it is difficult to obtain an exact match when making stucco repairs – but there are ways around this issue:


Stucco Artisans help Facilitate “Seamless” Repairs


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 Extend the Stucco to a Natural Stopping Point

If an unsightly crack is marring a wall of your home, we can repair it; but more importantly, our stucco artisans want to ensure that when finished, no signs of repair are evident. That is why we suggest re-finishing an entire wall to a natural stopping point. If there is a slight variance in hue after the material dries, it will be attributed to the way the light hits that section.





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Texture the Repair to Diffuse Light

Stucco is a wonderful medium that lends itself to texturing in a way that no other material can. Many of us remember stucco texturing looking like an old adobe home; and while that may have been true in the past, today’s texturing techniques are far more subtle than former stuccoing tactics. Toward that end, they can be used to great effect when camouflaging repairs.









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Use Complimentary Colors

Modern Stucco lends itself well to complimentary color schemes. Oftentimes a stucco upgrade or retrofit that includes subtle coloring can be used to great effect. Support beams, eaves, and banisters are especially attractive when completed in this manner.








Stucco Repair covers a Wide Range of Services


From Support Stucco Repairs Frisco, TxBeams to Banisters

Cracked support beams and banisters are a great cause of concern to homeowners. They need not be. Our skilled stucco experts have been facilitating concrete column repair for over a decade. We can help you determine whether a simple support structure will help us facilitate the repair – or whether more complex steps must be taken.


From Retaining Walls to Mailboxes

Stucco artisans use the entire range of options at their disposal to facilitate functional repairs that last. They may use synthetic finishes or polished plasters to acquire the best match for your repair project.


From Fire Rated Eaves to Turrets

As stated before, our Stucco Team has worked in this medium for well over a decade. They are certified to work on fire-compliant eaves and skilled at blending repairs with the entirety of your home. Our efforts have produced award-winning results and the accolades of our clients.


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Whether you are looking to retrofit your current stucco presentation or need stucco repair,

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