Tree Pruning Services

Just because the trees in your yard have gotten taller or have more branches doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all you need them to be. But as a property owner, knowing when you need to do tree pruning can be a challenge. However, if you are planning to sell your home soon or just want your yard to look well maintained, then tree pruning is a must do chore.

Tree pruning can be an intimidating task for many Plano, Texas homeowners. Consequently, many property owners either overlook the task or call in a professional. One of the services Omega Masonry offers is tree pruning. We have the tools needed and the knowledge necessary to ensure that your pruned trees don’t just look healthier, but actually are healthier.

Why Should Tree Pruning Be Done?

Not only will pruning the trees in your yard make them look good, but there several other reasons to plan time for tree pruning.

    1. Basic tree pruning will open up your yard and make it easier to see the landscape.
    2. If you have newly planted trees in your yard, they are not exempt from tree pruning. Rather, newly planted trees should be pruned to make up for root loss and to begin the process of shaping them, as you want them to ultimately look.
    3. Proper tree pruning will improve the health of your trees by eliminating branches that are dead or dying. These dead or dying branches can also be dangerous, as they are at risk of falling onto people or onto your home, outbuildings or vehicles. In addition, by removing these dead/dying branches you are preventing further decay.
    4. Weak or unhealthy branches will lessen the beauty of the tree. Trimming these limbs prevents weak crotches and keeps branches from intersecting in an unusual pattern at the top of the tree.
    5. Regular tree pruning can extend the life of the tree as it allows you to remove unwanted branches that are drawing energy from the tree. Proper tree pruning will also result in more fruit, blooms or leaves.
    6. Tree pruning will increase the amount of sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree, thus allowing the tree to be healthier.

Tree pruning is a vital part of tree care. But it should be remembered that not every type of tree needs to be pruned at the same time of year.

If you have questions regarding the time of year to prune the trees in your Plano, Texas landscape, or would prefer instead to have a professional inspect the trees in your landscape and decide the best approach, then give Omega Masonry a call at 214-473-5858 or fill out the form here.