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Why Do You Need a Cast Stone Repair Expert?

Cast stones are masonry materials that look exactly as natural stones but are not as tough. Although they are attached in the same manner as carved stone, they need special care and maintenance. Cast stone repair should be carried out immediately at the first signs of damage to ensure the long life of [...]

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How to Go About Cast Stones Repair

Cast stones are pre-cast concrete that imitates the appearance, texture, and functionality of natural stones. Instead of carving real stones for ornaments and trimmings, cast stones are used instead. Cast stone repair is necessary to maintain the natural look and appearance of these masonry applications. Cast stones are man-made and pre-fabricated masonry products. [...]

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The Basics of Cast Stone Repair

Cast stone is a concrete masonry application that simulates natural-cut stones and has quite a number of architectural uses. Cast stone repair is necessary because these stones are mostly found on building exteriors and outdoor gardens, usually as trims and ornaments. It is made from white cement, natural sands, and crushed stones, and [...]

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