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In Texas, homeowners from Plano to Preston Hollow know that OmegaMasonry.Com is the contractor to call for everything from Mailbox Repair to Hardscapes Design. Without any fanfare we have become one of the most popular concrete contractors in the Vickery Place area. We’re honor of the trust Vickery Place home and business owners have placed on us and we take every step necessary to make sure they are fully satisfied. Although, many Vickery Place home and business owners find our site when searching Yahoo.Com looking for brick mailbox ideas it is important to highlight that OmegaMasonry.Com is a full service commercial and residential concrete companies license in insurer in the state of Texas. We have been in business for more than twenty years. One thing the majority of people don’t know about us is that we offer expert concrete repair service throughout the Vickery Place area. Notice that we made an emphasis on “expert” and that is because lately we have notice a noticeable increase in the amount of substandard concrete repair jobs in the Vickery Place area. We know that none of us like to pays full price. However, if you’re searching for quality concrete repairs in Vickery Place, Texas, don’t call a handyman contact to the experts OmegaMasonry.Com we will fix right the first time.

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The great majority real estate property appraisals will tell you that properties with architectural features such as brick mailbox are on high demand in the Vickery Place area. Nevertheless, the same group of people will tell you that shady workmanship are highly undesirable. No one knows this better than www.OmegaMasonry.Com. During the spring month we get more calls than usual from families looking for stone masonry repair primarily as a result of hiring a handyman of little or no experience. All the stress associated with this are unavoidable by hiring an experience concrete company like Omega Masonry. Whether you are looking for mailbox repair or stucco work repairs you can be certain to work is going to get done right on the first try. For more info about hardscapes design ideas and others take a look our blog. There you’ll find blog post about things ranging from does your home need tuck pointing? to can a brick screen wall benefit your property?

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Does Your Structure Need Concrete Repair After a Fire?

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One of concrete’s strongest selling points is its durability. Concrete is very resistant to the elements, including fire, so the risk of damage sustained by a concrete structure during a fire is often minimal. However, this does not mean that some concrete repair isn’t necessary after the flames have been extinguished and the smoke has cleared.

What Damage Could Make Concrete Repair Necessary After a Fire?

Cracking and spalling of the concrete surface are the two most common telltale signs that the concrete surface has sustained significant enough damage to warrant the attention of a concrete contractor. Expansion may occur within the layers of the concrete, causing any moisture that’s trapped within it to turn into heated steam. This expansion causes damage like cracking and swelling that need to be repaired to restore the structure’s appearance and functionality.

The presence of these two visible problems within the concrete could be indicative of a greater need for concrete repair. There are other indicators as well, though they may not be as apparent, like color changes beneath the surface of the concrete.

How a Concrete Contractor Assesses Fire Damage

After a fire has occurred within your concrete structure, it is advisable to bring a contractor onto the scene to evaluate the extent of the damage. Each concrete professional has their own way of doing this, but the basics of this assessment include:

  • A visual inspection for cracks, spalling, discoloration and other abnormalities.
  • Non-destructive testing to get a deeper look into the damage, beyond what is seen directly on the surface. A framing hammer can be used to “sound” the concrete, enabling the contractor to identify internal damage.
  • Lab testing of concrete samples to evaluate the concrete’s integrity and confirm how far down into the concrete the fire affected the structure. The contractor may compare a sample of the damaged concrete to a sample of undamaged concrete for the sake of comparison.
  • Discussion of repair options

What concrete repair options that are made available to you depend on the nature and extent of the damage sustained. Temperature profiles and the remaining strength of the concrete will play a large part in determining what method of repair is necessary in each individual case.

Repairing Fire-Damaged Concrete

A quick and minor repair might be all that is needed if the damage is minimal or localized. However, some particularly nasty fires have resulted in entire slabs of concrete needing to be entirely replaced. Soot removal and resealing of the concrete will likely be a part of any concrete repair process, no matter how big or small the damage actually is.

Many homeowners will try their hand at repairing the concrete themselves, but this is rarely a wise idea. Testing needs to be done to determine the remaining strength and integrity of the concrete before any repairs can be safely made. Concrete repair should be left to the professionals, who can diagnose and treat the problem at its source. Treating only the visible surface could leave your structure vulnerable to further, unseen damage that will cause you problems in the future.

As the blog post reveals Omega Masonry .Inc services are not only limited to Concrete Repairs Contractors Vickery Place, TX, we are the Vickery Place masonry company to go to for everything from brick mailbox repair to brick masonry repair. If looking for a reliable contractor for any one of these jobs you have two choices you can either go to, and cross your finger in hope that you find what you’re looking for or reach out to the experts at OmegaMasonry.Com.

What Is Stone Masonry?

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Stonemasons are craftsmen who work with stones to create homes, buildings and structures. They know how to manipulate, shape, polish and carve the stones into a specific design. This also includes stone features like the installation of retaining walls, chimneys, and patios. A stone masonry contractor is able to handle natural and manufactured stone to create different installations and even a home.

Types of Stone Masonry

There are two main classifications of stone masonry: rubble and ashlar masonry. In rubble masonry, the stones used are made up of widely different sizes. The stonemason can decide to leave the stones uncoursed or they can square them off with a straightcut finish. This is considered the cheapest and roughest form of stone masonry because the stones can be in random sizes. As for ashlar masonry, this is when each stone is cut into a uniform size and shape, while ensuring that it forms a rectangular shape. Each of the stone are chiseled to remove all unevenness and to obtain perfectly horizontal and vertical joints, making it easier to put all the stones together. Consequently, this type of stone masonry is very costly.

With that in mind, listed below are just some of the different methods of stone masonry construction.

  • Mortared stones. This method involves the use of cement mortars to stack and affix the stones together. The mortar fills the gaps between the stones, so this can be used for both rubble and ashlar masonry.
  • Dry-stack stones. Stone masonry actually originated from this technique, wherein stones were carefully lined up without mortar to build a structure. In this case, gravity serves as the mortar or glue that holds all the stones together. This technique was more challenging because it required more skill and time.
  • Veneered stones. This type of stone is commonly used as a protective and decorative covering for exterior and interior walls or surfaces. The reason for this is because the veneer is usually only 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot so that no additional structural supports are needed. This type of stonework is not meant for building foundation; it is simply for show. In fact, most construction today consists of non-structured veneered stones against a structural wall of concrete or cinderblock to make it seem like the entire foundation was made out of pure stone.
  • Slipform stones. This method is considered a cross between traditional mortared stones and veneered stones. It involves the use of formwork to help contain the stones and mortar, while keeping it straight. Short forms about two feet tall are placed on both sides of the structure to serve as a guide. Once this is done, the stones are placed inside the short form where concrete will then be poured behind the rocks. With this, the structure is reinforced by both stones and concrete.

With all these different methods and techniques, it is clear that it takes a certain amount of skill to work in stone masonry construction.

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Commercial & Residential Concrete Repairs Contractors Vickery Place TX

Commercial & Residential Concrete Repairs Contractors Vickery Place TX In search of a concrete repair contractor in Vickery Place, Texas? For many Omega Masonry Inc. has been the company to go to for homeowners in Vickery Place looking for Mailbox Repair and or Stone Landscape Borders. While there is no shortage of masonry companies in the Vickery Place area we think you will be satisfied with our testimonials. We bring this to [...]