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Property Owners from the Dallas and surrounding counties know Omega Masonry is the concrete contractors to employ when looking for Stone Landscape Borders service. Omega Masonry specializes in taking the skill of masonry, to the next level, and is the top Concrete Contractors in Medical District, TX.

Stamped concrete is a highly popular material for walkways over the past few years. Many property owners prefer to use it rather than using brick and stone pavers because it is more economical. They are also pleasing to the eyes as it comes in various colors and patterns. Stamped concrete can mimic many flooring materials, from stones to marbles. They are generally simple to install and could easily blend into the appearance that you want for your outdoors. Installation is also jiffy. Compared to stone pavers that need to be set individually, this material only needs to be mixed, poured, and stamped. However, it does need an expert masonry contractor to get the project right. Just like most concrete structures, problems like untimely cracking, course edges, and poor finish are normal.

The other bad side to stamped concrete is strength. Concrete will crack eventually, especially if it’s exposed to the elements. The weight of load is also a factor. Therefore the spot where stamped concrete is installed should also be taken into consideration. This is why concrete is best for walkways but not on driveways. But when it comes to care, stamped concrete is a winner. It’s simple to clean and may actually need little to zero maintenance at all. Nevertheless, contractors suggest that the concrete is treated for increased protection.

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Like all other things, there are benefits and drawbacks to using stamped concrete and patio pavers for the outdoors. When choosing between these two materials, it is best that you weigh all the possibilities first. It is important that you arrive at the best decision each time. Here are a few points of comparison to think about:

  1. Appearance

Stamped concrete is basically more lavish because you’re free to pick which shade, texture and design to use. Your only restriction is your own imagination. Patio pavers, on the other hand, come in certain designs. Even so, you can always mix and match to reach the look that you desire.

  1. Strength

Stamped concrete is susceptible to cracking, specially if the weather outdoors is somehow irregular. Patio pavers, on the other hand, are technically thicker and stronger. They are not susceptible to cracking when installed professionally.

  1. Installation

The installation of these two materials requires a professional. Although almost everybody can play with pavers and concrete on their own, it may be hard to attain the perfect look or the maximum potential of the materials if they are not installed the right way.

  1. Maintenance

In the matters of repair or maintenance, patio pavers are the winners. Because they’re durable, they don’t have to be replaced very often. And if you have to, you only need to concentrate on the individual paver that’s chipped and not the whole walkway.

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Questions to Ask Professional Concrete Contractors

Hiring concrete contractors can be difficult due to lack of time or experience. If you have never had to hire a concrete contractor before, you might not know what to expect and, therefore, may not know the proper questions to ask when looking for experiencing great concrete contractors. While it is easy to assume that all concrete contractors are made equally, this is a dangerous assumption to make. All contractors vary in quality due to skill, training, professionalism, and experience. You should not hire a concrete contractor until you are sure they go above and beyond in all of these categories, like our concrete contractors here at Omega Masonry, for example.

Choosing The Best Concrete Contractors In Your Area

To discern the quality of a concrete contractor in your area, you should first ask the strength of the mix they use. They should be using a mix of 4000 psi compressive strength at least, as this is what is required of most concrete jobs—excluding footing and walls.

You should also ask if the concrete will be reinforced. While not all concrete projects require reinforcement, projects like driveways that will carry large amounts of weight daily should be reinforced to avoid damage over time. Adding rebar to reinforce jobs might add to the initial cost of the project, but it pays for itself in the long run when it comes to longevity of the job.

You might also benefit from asking how long the job should take. While patios and driveways usually do not take more than a few days, some contractors will start on one day and finish on the second day, unfortunately, that may be two weeks later. To make sure that does not happen, ask the concrete contractor when they believe their job will start and finish. Because our concrete contractors here at Omega Masonry are so experienced at this job, they should be able to give you an accurate time estimate.

Similar to wanting the job done all at once, you probably wish the job to be completed as soon as possible, not months from now. The only problem with this is that good contractor are usually booked a few weeks in advance. If you are interested in booking an appointment, start calling ahead of time to avoid the wait.

You should also ask what the area will look like once the job has been completed. While this is not a commonly asked question, it is an important one. Sloppy contractors can ruin an entire backyard just by installing one small patio. Our Omega Masonry contractors keep the area nice and clean while we work, harming as little landscaping as possible during the process.

You should also ask for pictures of previously completed jobs, as a concrete contractor like ours here at Omega Masonry should always have a portfolio of before and after photos available.

If you are interested in hiring the professional concrete contractors, give us a call today for more information. We can help you set up an appointment to begin the design process.

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