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Home Owners residing in in the DFW area know OmegaMasonry.Com is the contractors to call when in need of Hardscapes Design service. Omega Masonry specializes in taking the skill of masonry, to the next level, and is the most sort after Concrete Contractors in Richardson, TX.

Stamped concrete is a fairly popular choice for walkways nowadays. Many residential owners prefer to take advantage of it rather than using brick and stone pavers because it is more economical. They are also aesthetically pleasing as it comes in various colors and textures. They can mimic anything, from stones to marbles. They are generally easy to install and could easily blend into the look that you want for your outdoors. Installation is also jiffy. Compared to stone pavers that need to be set individually, concrete merely has to be mixed, poured, and stamped. But then, it does require a professional masonry contractor to get the project right. Like any concrete structures, issues like early cracking, uneaven edges, and bad finish are normal.

Another bad side to stamped concrete is resilience. Concrete will crack overtime, more so if it is exposed to the elements. The weight of load is also a factor. So the location where stamped concrete is installed should also be considered. This is why stamped concrete is recommended for walkways but not on driveways. But when it comes to maintenance, stamped concrete is a winner. It is simple to clean and may generally require little to zero maintenance at all. Nonetheless, contractors recommend that the concrete is treated for improved protection.

Richardson, TX Professional Concrete Contractors

Like most things, there are benefits and disadvantages to using concrete or patio pavers for the outdoors. When selecting between these two materials, it is recommended that you consider all the possibilities first. It’s important that you come up with the best choice every time. Here are a few points of comparison to think about:

  1. Look

Stamped concrete is generally more ornate as you are free to choose which shade, texture and design to use. The only restraint is your own imagination. Patio pavers, on the other hand, come in specific patterns. Despite that, you can always mix and match to reach the look that you want.

  1. Durability

Stamped concrete is susceptible to cracking, more so if the condition outside is rather irregular. Patio pavers, on the other hand, are generally thicker and more durable. They are not prone to cracking if installed professionally.

  1. Installation

The installation of these two materials requires an expert. Even if almost all handymen can play with pavers or concrete on their own, it may be difficult to achieve the perfect look or the maximum potential of the materials if they are not installed correctly.

  1. Repair

When it comes to repair or maintenance, patio pavers are the winners. Because they’re tough, they don’t have to be repaired too often. And when you need to, you only need to focus on the individual stone that’s chipped and not the entire walkway.

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Choosing the Right Bricklayer

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If you are embarking on your first major construction project, and you find yourself stymied at the thought of selecting a professional bricklayer without knowing much about the profession itself, there’s no need to be ashamed. It’s completely understandable, and you wouldn’t be the first person to have this dilemma, either.

However, over time, and with increasing advancements in technology and its hand-in-hand association to advertising, it is becoming easier than ever to find bricklayers available at your budget. The only problem – in that case – lies only in choosing the right bricklayer. The first step to narrow your search criteria is to ensure that your bricklayer has been properly certified.

In most countries, a bricklayer needs to pass his/her apprenticeship before receiving a certification, which declares that they are competent enough to work as a professional within the industry. It’s rare that someone will claim to be a bricklayer without having done an apprenticeship or received certification, but just to avoid any future mishap, it is best to confirm that they have all of their papers in order before moving forward.

Qualities to Look Out for Among Bricklayers

The criterion for choosing the right bricklayer varies depending on what the project needs, but there are certain universal criteria that every bricklayer should possess. The following are just some general qualities that you – as the client – can use to find the right bricklayer for your needs among the list of candidates:

  • Physically Capable: Bricklaying may not necessarily require heavy lifting (this depends on the particular job), but being reasonably fit is almost a must in any specialty in the construction industry, and bricklaying is no exception to that. If the candidate does not seem to be physically capable to do manual labor, then you might have to consider striking them off the list of candidates.
  • Meticulous: This is often overlooked, but due to the delicacy and subtlety that bricklaying actually requires, a meticulous eye for detail is one of the most important qualities one should search for in a candidate. If a bricklayer’s measurements when layering mortar are off, or if their mixture density is inconsistent, then the structure may literally fall apart.
  • Law Abiding: It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but before starting any major renovations, you should take into account that there are building regulations, and they may be specific to your specific area. A “law abiding” bricklayer should know about all those pesky regulations, and will know how to work within the system, and get the necessary permits for the project.

To reiterate, the qualities you should look out for in a bricklayer varies depending on the project, but these are just some examples of qualities that every bricklayer should possess. Keep these suggestions in mind, and you’ll surely choose the right bricklayer.

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