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Searching for a licensed and insured Concrete Repair & Resurfacing Contractor in Downtown Dallas, Texas? From Brick Mailbox Repair to Concrete Contractors Jose at OmegaMasonry.Com has you covered! Call us – (214) 473-5858

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Best Concrete Repair & Resurfacing Contractor Reviews in Downtown Dallas, Texas

Rex Cumming
Rex Cumming
16:53 29 Jan 19
I found Omega on line and was in an emergency situation that they responded to in a very rapid and professional way. I was very relieved when they showed up with over 8 people to tackle the job and complete it with accuracy and perfection in one day, instead of the 3-4 others were stating, if they would even show up! Really appreciate the hard work and trustworthy service. Have recommended them more
Rob Proulx
Rob Proulx
17:14 13 Jun 18
Omega worked a leak above a second story bay window. Originally it looked like missing mortar, but when the roof flashing was pulled back we were all shocked to find that there was NO brick behind the flashing. The original builder from 1993 should have built 2 extra rows of brick behind it, and the more we dug the more we found - there was framing rot in the window header and studs. When I pulled back the drywall on the inside I found a whole ant colony living in the header (not exaggerating, it was a whole colony with a queen and eggs and everything). Omega was able to adapt to the new project scope and develop a plan of attack with multiple vendors to make sure everything was addressed and fixed right, not just the masonry aspect. Happy to have a house with no leaks and no wood rot more
Rob Broomham
Rob Broomham
16:31 09 Jun 18
Jose's team did an excellent job rebuilding my mailbox that was damaged in a traffic accident. I received a very clear proposal in a timely manner and had constant communication from Jose on the job. It was scheduled within a week and completed on time. The masonry work was excellent as it looks brand new. The crew blended in recovered bricks with new bricks very well. See the before and after pictures more
Scott Bowker
Scott Bowker
20:42 08 Jun 18
Great company. The service was prompt and the workmanship was excellent.
Terry Berry
Terry Berry
03:34 12 Dec 17
Omega Masonry was quick with their responses. They came out to look at what we needed done the same day we called. They were able to match the brick needed and left the area clean. Their prices were the best we could find and work was very professional. We will definitely recommend them to anyone that needs brick work done!!read more
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For over 20 years OmegaMasonry.Com has been the one to call if you needed a concrete contractor near Downtown Dallas, Texas. But it is key to point out that they are if you’re in need of a Concrete Repair and Resurfacers Contractor near Downtown Dallas they are your best choice as well. However, before you hire anyone here are a few recommendations on locating the best concrete contractor in Downtown Dallas.

Finding the right concrete contractor is not so hard to accomplish. When you are in a larger neighbourhood, there are usually four or five different businesses that may be currently waiting for work. Based upon the period which you start to look for them, or maybe the size and difficulty with the assignment, this may help you narrow down the options to merely a few of them. To find every one of these contractors, you may use the net in your favor to locate the companies that have websites, enabling you to see what they could do and also access their contact information. Here are strategies for finding the most skilled concrete contractor in your area.

Where To Start Your Search!

Your pursuit should start with a quick web search making use of your favorite search engine. This will show you the best companies since they are ranked. You will additionally find ads for these particular contractors that are attempting to get more business via pay per click advertising to help you get to their website. You may want to examine the BBB site to make certain they are an established and fully licensed contractor, one that lacks any complaints. Once that is done,you can begin to examine them in relation to the type of work they already have done before, plus the form of projects they are advertising that they can complete.

How to Choose The Very Best Company!

To choose the best company, it’s simply a point of getting several estimates that you can to discover just how much they will likely charge. When you have done that, you are able to compare the sorts of work they could do, and at what date they could begin. Finding the right concrete contractor is not very tough to do, so long as you can easily find this all information. In a short time, you will find one of the most skilled concrete contractors in the area, helping you to complete your assigment on time. Jose at At Omega Masonry we are aware that anyone searching for a Concrete Repair and Resurfacers contractor near Downtown Dallas, TX have many options. However, all we ask of you is to give us a chance to give you a quote. And if you would like more details about our work please, visit our blog!

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Brick Patch Repair

Concrete Patios and Foundations

If you think you need brick patch repair, you have come to the right place. We offer a professional brick repair service to restore your home’s exterior to its former glory. If you have unsightly cracks and chips, we can make your brick look new again.

The first step to brick patch repair is figuring out exactly what the damage is. One of our professional brick masonry contractors will come to assess your brick’s damage. They will then make a recommendation of either brick patch repair, tuck-pointing, or brick replacement. The type of repair will depend on the extent and the nature of the damage. If your goal is only to perfect the aesthetic appearance of your bricks, we will likely go with a brick patch. Holes or chips in the mortar might require tuck-pointing. Brick replacement is for bricks with severe cracks or broken pieces.

If you are dealing with hairline cracks or slight erosion, you might not need to do any serious repair at all. If you see a crack and are wondering if you should make the call to our masonry contractors, try sticking a dime inside. If you can fit the dime in the crack, chances are water can seep through and damage your wall. If you cannot fit a dime inside the crack, you should be okay for now.

Brick Patch Repair Methods

We have a vast inventory of bricks here at Omega Masonry. This means that we will almost always be able to find the brick you need to match your home. If we use brick dust from just any brick, your brick patch will stand apart from the rest of your brick. It might end up looking like an actual patch instead of a seamless repair. We do our best to find the brick dust that will provide a seamless, beautiful repair that you will barely notice.

If your mortar has to be repaired, our contractors will do this one step at a time. First, they will grind the mortar joints until they are at least five-eighths of an inch deep. The cavity will then be flushed of debris. The process is similar to that of filling a cavity. We will then wet the cavity and fill it with mortar. We are extremely careful about crafting our mortar formula. We do not use any unnecessary additives that could weaken the material.

Even if the damage to your brick wall does not affect its durability, cracks and chips can still be an eyesore. This might not be significant for day to day life, but you should definitely consider patching the chips and cracks before you sell your home. The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see. The street view is what draws people in as they pass by. You want to make your curb appeal as good as possible for an easy sale. One of the best ways to do so is to make your brick perfected and seamless with brick patch repair.

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