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Real estate in the state of Texas can be quite costly. The great majority of people who own homes did not buy the home they wanted. However, with just a few home improvement you can make it your dream home. So, knowing a reliable Repointing Kaufman County has it’s advantages. If you contact Omega Masonry for your next home improvement project you will find out why we are so well regarded by our clients. At Omega Masonry we know that when seeking for a Repointing Kaufman County you have choices. For this reason we will do everything we can to earn your business.


Searching for Repointing in or near Kaufman County? Omega Masonry LLC is a well regarded Kaufman County masonry contractor with expertices not only in Repointing, Brick Masonry, and other realted professional services.


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Repointing in or near Kaufman County

Everybody in the Dallas – Fort Worth area looking for Fire Pits Design in Kaufman County knows better than to try searching the Internet especially Ask.Com. Don’t matter what type of masonry work you need, Mailbox Repair or Chimney Repair José at OmegaMasonry.Com has you covered. For over 2 decades they have served the best interests of residential and commercial clients not only in Kaufman County, but throughout Texas. Nowadays, they are consider a leading provider of Masonry Repairs in Kaufman County. If you have ever searched Bing for Stone Landscape Borders near Kaufman County, you may have discovered that you have choices. That is why so many blogs recommend that you do your homework before choosing a Stone Landscape Borders contractor.

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Most Common Kinds of Masonry Repair for Chimneys

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Chimneys seem like simple structures to the common person. They’re just made of bricks and are expected to last forever. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to them than that. Neglected chimneys or those affected by moisture need to undergo masonry repair in order to restore them to their best conditions. So what kind of work is done on chimneys?

Chimney Crown Repair

Maintaining the chimney crown is one of the most essential masonry repair jobs there is. A chimney crown is a structure that covers the top of the chimney and should extend at least two inches over its edge. Its purpose is to keep things like water and animals from getting into the chimney flue. If your chimney crown needs repairing, this job can be done using a crown coat sealant. It’s not the most difficult job but it’s a very important one.

Fireplace Reconstruction

In case you haven’t already taken the hint, chimneys, in general, don’t appreciate the presence of any water or moisture and the fireplace is no exception. Water can cause what is known as spalling, which is particularly harmful to fireplaces. It’s important to check your fireplace and chimney regularly for signs of water damage. A leaking pipe near the fireplace could create serious consequences. If the damage is present, then it might be necessary to rebuild your fireplace.

Masonry Repair for Chimneys: Tuckpointing

You’ve probably never heard of the term tuckpointing unless you’ve worked as a chimney sweep or you’re in the construction business. Tuckpointing is simply removing damaged mortar from a chimney and replacing it with an almost identical but new mortar. New mortar should match the old for reasons of consistency, color, and durability.

What causes damage to the mortar? Water is our usual suspect, but there are other elements involved. If it was poorly installed, to begin with, then you can’t expect it to last as long. Weather and insects are other factors too. Of course, even if everything is perfect, age has its own detrimental effect. In order to maintain the structural integrity of the chimney, the new mortar has to match the old one perfectly. That’s why tuckpointing takes time and is one of the toughest jobs to complete.

Firebox Restoration

Since it’s where the fire burns, the firebox has to be built with refractory firebricks and mortars that can handle high temperatures while insulating surrounding structures at the same time. Never light a fire in a damaged firebox or you could risk getting the fire spread to nearby structures and walls. Inspect the firebox every year, maybe at the beginning of winter, before using it for safety reasons. If you can’t tell whether it’s in good shape or not, you can always call a professional to come and take a look. In case there’s damage, then some restoration is needed.

Masonry repair includes lots of categories and fixing chimneys is certainly one of them. While chimneys look solid and stand tall, they still need repair and maintenance every now and then.

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Repointing in Kaufman County Many individuals throughout Texas consider the guys at Omega Masonry the preferred option if you're looking for Repointing in Kaufman County. Something that is not that obvious is that this same contractor is the uncontested the best option for business owners searching for Masonry Repairs in Kaufman County! There are many reasons for this. Unlike choosing somebody to do Chimney Repair in Kaufman County, choosing the best masonry [...]