Strategies for Employing a Stone Mason in Balch Springs, TX

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If you’re likely to do a stone project, you have to hire a competent stone mason for the best results. Here are several useful tips to consider when employing a stone mason. Homeowners from Prosper to West Dallas are conscious that OmegaMasonry.Com is the contractor to contact for everything from Mailbox Repair to Stone Landscape Borders. What is not commonly known that OmegaMasonry.Com it’s also your best option if you are seeking and affordable stone mason company in or near Balch Springs, Texas. Nevertheless not all stone masonry companies are created equal for this reason we would like to educate you on what to look for when hiring a stone mason contractor in the Balch Springs area.

  1. Research – Obtain the names of various stone masons in your area prior to hiring one for the job. Look at their experience and expertise with working with stone projects throughout their career.
  2. Price Estimates – Before hiring a stone mason, you should compare different prices. Here, you need to demand written quotes from different stone masons in the region. Compare each quote to ascertain the correct one that suits your budget while supplying the best stone masonry services.
  3. Portfolio – You need to make sure that whoever you opt to contract has the know-how to deal with the kind of stone project you need done. So, demand a few examples of their previous work including their portfolio to discover their exact proficiency.
  4. Licensing – As with any other provider, stone masons have to be licensed to offer their services. Examine the local licensing board to discover whether their license is valid and whether they are qualified to offer the services you require.

The Stone Mason Craft is Still Alive and Well in Balch Springs, TX

The enthusiasm, commitment, and love stonemasons have for their craft is exactly what keeps this old-fashioned type of building and sculpting going. I remember a buddy who travelled from Germany  to the UK.  Each and every time he wanted to build anything on his property he hired a stone mason from Germany because he loved stonework and wanted the job completed by stone workers whom he knew were great at their craft.

To masons, the stone-mason craft is more than just creating a stone structure, it is actually science and a type of living art that requires communication between man and stone. Stonework extends back towards the 5,000-year-old dry-stack walls of Great Britain and the remarkable pyramids of Egypt. Today the craft has regained popularity due to the greater option of stones and technologies which make shaping and fitting them easier. Sadly, it is also these same technologies in addition to modern building codes that are threatening to end the actual artistry of stone masonry that requires cutting by hand and setting every single stone in a fashion that results in a structure that may be extremely stable without using mortar.

There is hope that as long as there are people who wish to beautify their environments using this ancient art you will have stone-masons to go on supplying the need for this beautiful profession. As you can see hiring a stone mason contractor near Balch Springs, TX, or anywhere else requires some homework. If you’re a homeowner searching hardscapes design in Balch Springs, TX, we urge you to visit our blog

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Benefits of Hiring a Bricklayer

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When building a house, or making renovations, or even constructing a patio for Sunday afternoon barbecues, it may be tempting to cut costs by disregarding the importance of a bricklayer. While doing so may result in lower overall costs for the project, the wealth of experience and expertise that a professional bricklayer can contribute to the success of the construction.

Furthermore, a professional bricklayer will no doubt have the right qualifications, and the necessary certifications, which guarantees that they have passed an apprenticeship and/or exam in the field of bricklaying.

  • Time – Instead of having a general contractor potentially blunder his / her way through the proper way to lay the brick, a professional bricklayer will save the client a great deal of time by knowing the exact type of brick and method of bricklaying to expedite the process.
  • Cost – Whether it’s constructing an entire house, or simply adding a brick façade to allow the colors in the interior to pop, laying brick mistakenly, or having to undo layers upon layers of bricks can be incredibly expensive. A professional bricklayer will not make such a costly mistake.
  • Quality – As with most jobs, the quality will differ vastly depending on whether or not the practitioner is an amateur or a professional. A professional will almost always have more experience and practice in their specialty, which will result in a higher level of quality.

These benefits – among many others – should be considered prior to embarking on any construction project.

Specialty of Bricklayers

Bricklaying is a specialty occupation within the construction industry, but their function is not limited to simply building a brick wall. Their function ranges through the following tasks, which are often necessary in any major construction:

  • Stonework: This is another form of masonry, but a professional bricklayer will be able to either repair or construct some basic stone structures, as it is part of the training for bricklaying apprentices.
  • Maintenance: This will vary depending on your agreement with your bricklayer, but just like with wood and other building materials, brick can and will degrade over time. In this event, one can contact the original bricklayer for the project, or create a contract with a new bricklayer to repair any damage, or simply maintain the structural integrity of the bricks.
  • Problem Finder & Solver: In some cases, the erosion of the brick or masonry in the construction is not apparent to the untrained eye. In fact, structural erosion may go unnoticed even by other professionals, but a professional bricklayer will have been trained to identify and solve any problems involving bricklaying and some other forms of masonry, provided that it doesn’t involve any major rendering.

The specialty of a bricklayer cannot be summed up in just a few bullet points, but these are perhaps the most important to consider before embarking on your construction project. You may save money in the short-term by not hiring a professional bricklayer, but you’ll find that the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term in this case.

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