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When you are planning to do a stone project, you need to hire a experienced stone mason for the very best results. Here are some ideas to think about when hiring a stone mason. Homeowners from Wylie to North Dallas know that Omega Masonry is the contractor to go to for everything from Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pits to Hardscapes Design. What is not commonly known that Omega Masonry it’s also your best choice if you are searching for and affordable stone mason in Lewisville, Texas. As you may have already found out not all stone mason companies are the same for this reason is important that we tell you how to choose when contracting a stone mason company in the Lewisville area.

  1. Research – Look for the various stone masons in the area prior to hiring one for the position. Examine their experience and expertise with dealing with stone projects during the period of their career.
  2. Price Estimates – Before hiring a stone mason, you must compare different rates. Here, you have to require written estimates from all the stone masons in the region. Compare and contrast each estimate to determine the right one that is affordable while supplying the best stone masonry services.
  3. Portfolio – You must make sure that whichever mason you want to contract has the expertise to handle the sort of stone project you need done. So, request a few samples of their previous work as well as their portfolio to determine their exact skill level.
  4. Licensing – Just like any other service provider, stone masons have to be licensed to provide their services. Check the local licensing board to determine whether their license is valid and whether or not they are qualified to give the services you require.

The Stone Mason Craft is Still Alive and Well in Lewisville, TX

The enthusiasm, commitment, and love stome masons have for their craft is the thing that keeps this ancient kind of building and sculpting alive and well. I remember a pal who travelled from Germany  to the UK.  Every time he planned to build anything on his property he contracted a stone mason from Germany since he loved stonework and needed the task performed by stone workers that he knew were great at their profession.

To masons, the stone-mason trade is more than just constructing a stone wall, it really is science and a kind of living art that needs communication between man and stone. Stonework extends back to the 5,000-year-old dry-stack walls of Great Britain also the famous pyramids of Egypt. Today the skill has regained popularity as a result of the greater option of stones and technologies which make cutting and fitting them easier. Unfortunately, it is also these same technologies as well as modern building codes that are threatening to terminate the true workmanship of stone masonry that requires cutting by hand and placing each individual stone in a way that creates a structure that may be extremely stable without the use of mortar.

We are hopeful that provided that you will find people who wish to beautify their surroundings with this ancient art you will have stone-masons to carry on supplying the demand for this beautiful profession. As we have pointed out hiring a stone mason company in or near Lewisville, Texas, or anywhere else requires a little bit of research. If you’re a homeowner looking for stucco work & repairs Near Me, we urge you to visit our blog

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Does Your Home Need Tuck Pointing?

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While brick is one of the most long-lasting materials when it comes to your house’s structure, the mortar holding those bricks together is not quite as long-lasting. If you’ve been noticing damaged mortar on the exterior of your home, it may be time to take advantage of our professional tuck pointing service.

Tuckpointing is sort of like filling a cavity in that it is the process of removing damaged portions of your home’s grout and replacing these damaged portions with new mortar. When this process was first created, the tools used were made of forged iron. While the method of tuck pointing has not changed much since the 18th century, technology has led to new and improved tools fashioned from hardened tool steel. Modern tuck pointing can also involve the use of pneumatic and electric tools, as these are beneficial when grinding mortar.

The mortar that binds brick and stone will usually need replacement in between twenty-five and fifty years. Homes that follow this pattern of maintenance can last an extremely long time, which is part of what keeps historical buildings standing. The length of time mortar remains intact depends on the materials within the mortar.

Limestone and clay were the most common materials used in the 19th century. This is mostly because these materials were accessible locally. Today’s mortar does not have to rely on local sourcing due to seemingly limitless transportation. Some mortar manufacturers today are utilizing waste such as fly ash to create grout. There are many other materials used today, however, including shells, slate, silica sand, and iron ore.

While the material does affect the lifetime of grout, the environment is usually the most deciding factor. Temperature variation and high humidity are two factors that wear down grout. Dry, temperate climates are usually more hospitable to grout. Geographical areas with both moisture and low temperatures are especially damaging, as the moisture can invade the grout and expand when frozen, creating cracks. These cracks hasten the degradation of the mortar. Grout becomes increasingly porous with age, which makes freezing water more of an issue as time progresses.

Think Your Home Requires Tuck Pointing?

If you are concerned about your grout’s condition, you should conduct an inspection yourself. Simply survey the mortar around your home and check for any cracks and worn areas in the joints of the brick. Discoloration is another sign of damage. If you notice these issues in any abundance, you should call a professional masonry contractor.

Another neat way to test the condition of your grout utilizes a screwdriver. Taking a screwdriver or any similar tool, scrape along your grout in certain areas and check for either scratch in the grout or production of powder. These are also indications that your grout is in need of repair.

If you find your grout is in need of repair, contact us here at Omega Masonry and ask about our professional tuck pointing service. Our quality service can restore your home’s mortar to its original glory.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call today to speak with an Omega representative.

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