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When you’re planning to do a stone project, you need to engage a competent stone mason for the very best results. Below are a few good pointers to take into consideration when employing a stone mason. Local residents from Prosper to Fair Park Dallas know that OmegaMasonry.Com is the contractor to go to for everything from Outdoor Grills & BBQ Pits to Stone & Brick Patios. What a lot of people don’t know that Omega Masonry it’s also your best choice if you are seeking and affordable stone mason contractor in or near Northaven Park, TX. As you may have already found out not all stone masonry contractors are the same for that reason we would like to educate you on how to choose when hiring a stone mason in the Northaven Park area.

  1. Research – Obtain the names of different stone masons in your town prior to hiring one for the job. Look at their expertise and experience with dealing with stone projects during the period of their career.
  2. Price Estimates – Prior to employing a stone mason, you need to compare different prices. Here, you must require written estimates from various stone masons in the community. Compare and contrast each quote to ascertain the right one that suits your budget while providing the best stone masonry services.
  3. Portfolio – You must make sure that which ever stone mason you choose to employ has got the skill to deal with the type of stone project you need done. So, ask for a few examples of their previous work including their portfolio to determine their exact skill level.
  4. Licensing – As with all other provider, stone masons need to be licensed to offer you their services. Look at the local licensing board to discover whether their license applies and whether they are qualified to offer the services you need.

The Stone Mason Craft Remains Alive and Well in Northaven Park, TX

The commitment, love and enthusiasm stome masons have for their trade is what keeps this ancient kind of building and sculpting alive. I recall a friend who emigrated from Germany  to the UK.  Whenever he planned to build anything on his property he employed a stone mason from Germany since he loved stonework and needed the work done by stone crafters that he knew were masters at their profession.

To masons, the stone-mason craft is not only creating a stone wall, it can be science and a kind of living art that requires communication between man and stone. Stonework dates back towards the 5,000-year-old dry-stack walls of Great Britain also the remarkable pyramids of Egypt. Today the trade has recovered some popularity as a result of the greater accessibility of stones and technologies that make shaping and fitting them easier. Sadly, it is also the same technologies as well as modern building codes which are likely to finish the real skill of stone masonry that requires cutting manually and placing each individual stone in a manner that produces a structure that is extremely stable without using mortar.

We are hopeful that so long as there are people who wish to beautify their surroundings using this type of ancient art form you will have stonemasons to keep supplying the need for this beautiful artform. As you can see hiring a stone mason company in Northaven Park, TX, or anywhere else requires a little bit of research. If you are a business owner looking for retaining wall repair in Northaven Park, Texas, we invite you to browse our blog

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How to Tell if Brick Wall Repair is in Order

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No building, no matter its construction material, is immune to the effects of time and weather. Exterior brick walls are just as susceptible to damage despite their sturdy construction and should be examined for visible signs of damage routinely. Brick wall repair can be preventative or curative, depending on what stage in which your masonry contractor is called to the scene.

Not all signs of brick wall damage appear concerning, even when they are. If your building is being affected by any of the damage symptoms below, it’s time to call in a brick mason to address, diagnose and rectify the problem.

Bulging or Concave Bricks

Sometimes, water getting behind the bricks can cause them to expand outward (bulging) or become concave, jutting inward. The excess moisture causes this by softening the supportive materials behind the brick, which allows the brick itself to shift undesirably. This kind of damage can occur after winter, when ice and snow can cause excessive accumulation of water in, on or around your brick structures.

A brick wall mason will remove the bricks that have been affected by this penetrative moisture, replace the ones that have been removed, and assess/repair the damage that has been sustained by the outer wall.


When water seeps into the brick material, salt can collect and crystallize if there isn’t adequate drainage. As this occurs, a flaky white appearance may take form on any side of the brick. This is called efflorescence. Leaking pipes are a common culprit behind this problem, which a brick wall repair specialist will be able to identify and diagnose.

Damaged or Missing Mortar Joints

Mortar joints are not designed to be as sturdy as the brick itself, meaning that repairs every 10-15 years is typically recommended. These joints break and wear down over time as a natural part of their process, but they should be repaired when you see that the damage or loss has taken place. Leaving the mortar joints missing or allowing them to become further damaged can cause moisture issues with the brick, which can become expensive and quite extensive to repair down the line.

Compacted Bricks

If one or more bricks appear to be compacted in the wall, this is an issue that can allow excess moisture to wreak havoc on the structure itself. This issue is not typically isolated to just one brick, either, as the pressure causing it to bow and bend is likely to impact the bricks located around it. A brick wall repair contractor will be able to identify, remove and replace the effected bricks. They can also tell you what appears to be causing the problem in the first place.

Call in the Brick Wall Repair Experts to Fix These Problems

If you address these problems early on, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and headache by acting quickly. A brick wall repair contractor will be able to identify the causes of your problems, repair the damage done, and often can repair whatever was causing the damage in the first place. Don’t let these problems slide just because they don’t seem to be affecting the building now. Unseen damage can lead to a heap of problems that you don’t want to be saddled with later on.

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