Strategies for Contracting a Stone Mason in Tarrant County, TX

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When you’re planning to do a stone project, you must hire a competent stone mason to find the best results. Here are several ideas to think about when employing a stone mason. Local residents from Rockwall County to Lakewood are conscious that OmegaMasonry.Com is the company to go to for everything from Mailbox Repair to Hardscapes Design. What a lot of people don’t know that OmegaMasonry.Com it’s also your best option if you are seeking and affordable stone mason company near Tarrant County, TX. Nevertheless not all stone mason contractors are the same for that reason we would like to educate you on what to look for when hiring a stone mason in the Tarrant County area.

  1. Research – Get the names of various stone masons in your neighborhood before getting one for the job. Look at their experience and expertise with handling stone projects over the course of their career.
  2. Price Estimates – Prior to hiring a stone mason, you should compare different prices. Here, you need to ask for written estimates from various stone masons in the area. Compare and contrast each estimate to look for the right one that suits your budget while providing the best stone masonry services.
  3. Portfolio – You must make sure that whomever you decide to employ has got the expertise to deal with the sort of stone project you wish to do. So, you must require a few examples of work done before and their portfolio to discover their exact skill level.
  4. Licensing – As with all other service agency, stone masons have to be licensed to offer you their services. Browse the local licensing board to discover whether their license applies and whether they are qualified to offer the services you will need.

The Stone Mason Craft Remains Alive and Well in Tarrant County, TX

The love, enthusiasm and commitment stonemasons have for their skill is the thing that keeps this antiquated kind of building and sculpting alive. I recall a pal who relocated from Germany  to the UK.  Each and every time he desired to build something on his property he contracted a stone mason from Germany as he loved stone and needed the work done by stone crafters that he knew were great at their profession.

To masons, the stonemason trade is not just building a stone wall, it is science and a type of living art that needs communication between rock and man. Stonework dates back towards the 5,000-year-old dry-stack walls of Great Britain along with the remarkable pyramids of Egypt. Today the skill has regained popularity because of the greater availability of stones and new technologies that can make cutting and fitting them easier. Sadly, it is also the same technologies as well as modern building codes that are likely to end the true workmanship of stone masonry that needs cutting by hand and placing each individual stone in a way that produces a structure that is certainly extremely stable without having to use mortar.

There is hope that provided that you will find people that want to beautify their surroundings with this particular ancient art you will see stone masons to go on supplying the demand for this beautiful skill. As you may have noticed that employing a stone mason contractor in Tarrant County, TX, or anywhere else requires some homework. If you are a property owner looking for stone landscape borders in Tarrant County, Texas, we invite you to check out our stone & brick patios blog

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Brick Retaining Walls in Texas

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Not all yards in Texas are created equal. Some are perfectly even with nary a dip or hill, while others have more slopes and curves than heaping plate of pasta. And, while each scenario has its pros and cons, the one that can often be the most problematic- especially during rainy season are those yards where the slopes are position in such a way that either the water runs towards your home, or when it causes serious erosion.

Fortunately, one does not have to sit back and watch the yard erode away. Thanks to different approaches to landscaping as well as implementing a retaining wall, it is possible to have a yard with personality while ensuring that it does not wash away due to a storm. In fact, the properly constructed retaining wall will reshape your yard, and can even add beauty and provide a better place and way for you to entertain.

Stone Retaining Walls

While there are many effective ways to create a retaining wall, one of the most aesthetic, long lasting and versatile styles is using stones – both cut and uncut- to create a wall that compliments your styles. These walls are best installed by a skilled mason, as they require careful planning. Also, you should note that if the wall is to be over 4 feet, then you typically need a building permit and will need to meet with local building codes.

Masonry Brick Retaining Walls 

Brick retaining walls can take on three main looks – whole bricks, half bricks, and thin brick veneer. The whole brick walls are often the most economical and are great for mimicking the look of a traditional brick home.

The half brick retaining wall is one where the bricks are half the size of a regular brick, and are placed against a solid block wall. These require even less material than the whole brick wall making them attractive both aesthetically as well as financially.

The thin brick veneer retaining wall is often no more than an inch thick and more like a tile. It can be used to create a variety of styles and patterns, be incorporated with old bricks and often is lighter weighing than traditional brick. This is a great choice for yards where erosion is not as much of an issue but you are still wanting to preserve your yard.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls can be a decorative option for designing a retaining wall as they can be built using an assortment of colored concrete over a solid block wall.  In using the concrete as a “finisher” you are able to incorporate color, texture and even designs.  This is typically not a project for the average homeowner, but is best built by a skilled mason.

The retaining wall is the perfect way to enhance and protect your, Texas yard. It can be simply practical or can be a piece of art that enhances your yard while protecting the landscape. So if you are tired of watching your yard wash away because of rain, talk to the pros at Omega Masonry and get started on that custom retaining wall for your Texas home today. We can turn your yard into the most delightful spot in your  neighborhood in no time at all. Contact us today.

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