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Constructing your Built in Grills or Outdoor Kitchen

If you are in search of an expert brick tuck pointers in Collin County, TX? If you are, you should need to take into consideration Omega Masonry. Aven though individuals we have served in the past may classified us as a “Concrete Contractors in McKinney, TX.” but the truth is we are one of the few full-service masonry contractors serving the Collin County area and if you’re looking for tuck pointing in Collin County, please call us.. However be aware that the term tuckpointing is often misuse.

Tuckpointing is a way of using two different colors in the mortar joints of brickwork. Most of the time 1 color matches the color of the bricks, and the other one stays neutral to give an impression of very small joints. In some parts of the US, more often than not the term “tuckpointing” is used to describe, fixing or finishing joints and recently laid main story. That strong! The term is also used in place off “repointing” which means to to apply wet mortar to repair weathered joints in masonry. That is also wrong. At the end of the day at OmegaMasonry.Com it doesn’t matter. From Built in Grills & Outdoor Kitchen to Retaining Wall Repair we have you back.

How to Chose the Best Brick Tuck Pointers Collin County, Texas?

Lake the majority of things in life choosing the best brick tuck pointer in Collin County, Texas, requires a little bit of due diligence. The majority of times is about the same way you will go about hiring a mechanic or a attorney. Common sense tell us that companies that are for real have a history of customer reviews. Although many will consider us to be a small business, we are also an established company and when it comes to hire the best brick tuck pointers Collin County, TX, being selective may be the way to go. It’s difficult to talk about yourself without sounding conceited but at OmegaMasonry we are exceptionally proud of the quality of work we provide and challenge you to find a more skilled crew in the Collin County area. A lot families consider OmegaMasonry.Com their masonry company and we would like the opportunity to be yours too. From Stucco Mailbox Repairs to Chimney Repair you can count on Omega Masonry to present you with a comprehensive quote and craftsmanship on any masonry work your home or business requires. If you would like to find out more about the work we do, please, stop by our blog.

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Why Should You Hire A Stone Masonry Contractor?

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When building or renovating your property, there are many construction methods and styles to consider. This means that the contractor you hire will have a large impact on the outcome. Most people assume that there are only two types of contractors: residential and commercial. But actually, there are different skills and expertise within the construction industry with stone masonry being one of them.

You may be wondering why you need a stone masonry contractor because that seems too specific. But actually, the reason why there is a distinction is because not all contractors can be stonemasons. This requires more experience and skill to be able to manipulate stones. For this reason, you should only let stone masonry professionals handle your stonework and repairs.

Benefits of Stone Masonry Construction

Looking at it as a whole, stone masonry designs and installations add lasting beauty and value to your property. It is both classic and sturdy. With that said, there are more benefits to stone masonry construction:

  • Better insulation. Stone buildings or homes tend to be more energy efficient because it provides better insulation than other construction materials. The use of stones can increase the thermal mass of the property. This means less heat comes in, and at the same time, it reduces cold loss. Overall, this will let you save on energy bills.
  • Water resistant. While most construction materials are made waterproof, aluminum sliding for example can be damaged more quickly than stone during extreme weather conditions. Shingles can also get old, causing gaps to allow penetration. With stone masonry construction, if properly installed and maintained, it prevents moisture from coming in. This allows for
  • Non-combustible. As you already know, all types of masonry are fireproof because stone, brick and mortar do not burn. This means you can feel more secured in a home built out of stone. This is a level of fire safety that you will not find in timber-built homes.
  • Lower insurance rates. This is related to the fireproof aspect of stone masonry construction. One of the main factors in determining the insurance premium is the likelihood of destruction from fire and storm damage. Since stone-built homes are unlikely to burn, the homeowner insurance policy will be cheaper.
  • Stone masonry construction is considered the easiest to maintain. In fact, it can take decades before mortar needs repointing. As long as everything was skillfully and properly installed, maintenance should be minimal.
  • Resale value. While it is true that stone costs more to build with, it is still worth the investment because it is said to increase your property value by 6%. Stone masonry not only raises and maintains property value, but it also stands against the test of time. Many homebuyers prefer houses built with masonry because it makes a strong impression.

Overall, as long as you hire a professional stone masonry contractor, you are making a long-term investment by using high quality and durable construction materials.

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Tuck Pointing Collin County, TX

Brick or Stone Tuck Pointing Collin County, TX Everyone looking for stone tuck pointing in Collin County, Texas, knows that the only contractor they need to call is Omega Masonry. For more than 2 decades they has been the leading provider of quality masonry services that include everything from Mailbox Repair to Stone Landscape Borders. If you are not familiar tuckpointing, that is a technique where two contrasting colours are used in [...]