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Retaining Wall Repair

Knowing when it’s time for retaining wall repair can come in many different forms. Generally, residential retaining walls are built to create attractive terraces for landscaping, stairs, walkways, and gathering areas. A “sunken” theater or open air amphitheater is popular in many cities and communities and they utilize retaining walls in their construction.

The main purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back the lateral pressure of soil and substrate from moving due to the effect of erosion and gravity. They are also used to control water flow. Retaining walls have to work a lot harder than freestanding walls Retaining walls are build out of many different types materials. Typically you will find they compose of concrete, stone, masonry, brick, steel and even wood (including rail road ties).

Before a retaining wall is built, there should be a land survey and a design along with a plan or it could create unexpected problems for the homeowner and neighboring homes. A well planned retaining wall will assure that water flow and drainage from your property as the retaining wall itself must be properly drained to reduce or eliminate any excessive hydrostatic pressure from the weight of the soil and water behind the wall.

Telltale Signs You’re Going to Need Retaining Wall Repair

  1. Separation of Retaining Wall From Adjoining Walls
  2. Buckling, Cracked or Crumbling Walls
  3. Tilting Walls
  4. Forward Movement of Wall or Wall Sections
  5. Rotted Wood

When we begin to assess what it is going to take to repair the retaining wall we look at several factors. We start with how it was originally designed or build. Was in installed in such a fashion that it had a “batter” or pitch, so that it leaned toward the soil it’s supposed to hold? Where any tie-backs used, also known as dead-man anchors? We’re drains laid behind the foot of the wall to move water away so that pressure did not build up and push against the wall? And how were the footings created? Was there a bed of compacted gravel or was it just laid on lose soil?

Once we know the source of the problem, we know what will be needed to fix it. In some cases, helical anchors can be used to pull and hold the original wall in place. In other cases it may require a complete rebuild or some masonry work. Omega has years of experience repairing and installing retaining walls.

If you’re looking for retaining wall repair services, our Dallas Fort Worth area masonry contractors are experienced, affordable, skilled and professional. We specialize in retaining wall services, as well as many other types of concrete projects including driveways, pavers, resurfacing, patios and much more. We’ve built our reputation in Texas on professionalism and communication so we can provide exactly what you are looking for. We offer free quotes and affordable cost estimates for retaining wall repairs and installation. Our team of friendly, skilled and experienced contractors will get your retaining wall job done right and on time.