Outdoor Grills &  Kitchen Design & Installation

Constructing your Built in Grills or Outdoor Kitchen

Omega Masonry offers professionally installed high-end built in grills & outdoor kitchens throughout the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas. It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, there are times that the space in your home’s kitchen just isn’t big enough to host all your friends and family. Yes, you want to entertain, but you still want to be engaged with your guests. Enter the outdoor kitchen design.

In recent years, outdoor kitchens have become a prime living space. They can include a wide range of features such as pizza ovens, wet bars, side burners, smokers, stone counter-tops, warming drawers, roasting spits, and many other elements that you may deem necessary to the outside kitchen. Of course, a kitchen is not just about cooking, but visiting, so the perfect outdoor cooking area would not be complete without a sitting area or perhaps a fireplace with a hearth for the cooler evenings!

As your built-in grill or outdoor kitchen design is constructed, there is a variety of elements to keep in mind. After all, an outdoor kitchen is not just about having more space but having usable space. Whether you opt for stamped concrete flooring or a gazebo style floor plan, it’s all about having the outside kitchen you envision constructed in a way that meets and exceeds your dreams.

Cooking Space – Since it is to be a kitchen, consider the type of cooking you plan to do. Think about what actual cooking elements would be most used, and then be sure to select those items that can be used in an outdoor space. This is also a time to think of quality over quantity. Your outdoor kitchen doesn’t need every cooking appliance, just the best your budget allows.

Function – What plans do you have for your newly constructed outdoor kitchen? As you work with Omega Masonry experts in Outdoor Kitchens for your Texas home, be sure to share your vision for how you want to utilize your new space. If your new kitchen is outside near a pool, then think about how the two areas will work together. You will also want to determine if space is to be covered or not. In the Texas area, weather can be hot. Having a covered outdoor cooking area can help minimize the sun’s hot rays. As you think about your kitchen’s function, you will also want to think about how convenient to your home you want your outside kitchen to be.

Seating – Your outside kitchen needs to be designed with ample seating in mind. Whether it has a space for a patio table and chairs, built-in seating or a bar top, you want to have plenty of room for lounging and visiting.

Lighting – In planning the construction of your outdoor kitchen, don’t forget the lighting! The ambiance is important. Consider lighting that shows off the design elements; you will also want lighting that makes any path to your outside kitchen light enough to see at night.

Not all built-in grills or outdoor kitchens are constructed to be the same. As you begin on an outside kitchen plan, be sure it is a welcoming environment that allows you to easily create tantalizing meals, encourages delightful memories of family and friends, and provides space that will work for any occasion. The Omega Masonry team is happy to listen to your plans for your perfect outdoor cooking area and take them from blueprints to a beautifully constructed piece of workmanship that you can admire for years to come. Contact us today at (214) 473-5858.