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Are you searching for cast stone fixing company in Balch Springs, TX? A great number of Balch Springs home and business owner know of Jose at Omega Masonry as the company to contact for Retaining Wall Repair in Frisco, TX, what many don’t know is that Jose at Omega Masonry it’s also your best choice if you are looking for a historic cast stone repair in Balch Springs, TX.

Historic cast-stone needs to be up-kept or it can begin to deteriorate as time goes on. This occurs often when home owners don’t consider the long-term and just do small changes to the configuration. Actually, some choose not to changes by any means and that is is not right for the cast stone!

To get this done correctly, it is very important to consider setting up a proper schedule and ensuring that the maintaining practice is meticulious. This is the way things will probably be done; and how they are supposed to be. Until then, the quality is not going to be up to scratch.

With a professional service, taking care of historic cast stone becomes much easier and it is possible to handle the problem without a great deal of problems. Things will get done by the due date and the pro are able to look into possible concerns which are remaining around with the cast stone. It is a time-saver and it is a good way to prolong the stone’s lifespan.

This can be a huge investment and is one of the best things a house owner can do to antique cast stone.

What Does Cast Stone Restoration Involve?

Your house may have cast stone produced from natural sands, gravels or cements. Those materials are designed and found in a lot of masonry applications and architectural projects. You will like the way it looks on your property’s façade or garage; you may have cast-stone in places on your company’s building.

This ornamental stone material needs a great level of care. If it is cracked or gets dents, that could happen on the tips of ornate stairways or aspects of the house, it is advisable to mend it particularly should they be clearly noticeable from a few short feet away.

What Might Cast Stone Restoration Involve? You could try to make it happen for yourself with patching material however it should be produced from exactly the same material as the item being patched. Additionally, you will want a bonding agent. These have to be mixed together just right and packed on the spot needing repair.

The job must be done precisely and it would require adding more material to get the spot filled in perfectly. This is tricky because the mixture of material and bonding agents dry in a short time that means you have to remix more and add it. If at all possible, you need to leave this job to a professional in cast stone repair. As you can see employing a cast stone restoring company in Balch Springs, Texas, or anywhere else requires a little bit of homework. If you are a business owner looking for outdoor grills & bbq pits in Balch Springs, TX, we urge you to check out our blog.

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What Is Stone Masonry?

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Stonemasons are craftsmen who work with stones to create homes, buildings and structures. They know how to manipulate, shape, polish and carve the stones into a specific design. This also includes stone features like the installation of retaining walls, chimneys, and patios. A stone masonry contractor is able to handle natural and manufactured stone to create different installations and even a home.

Types of Stone Masonry

There are two main classifications of stone masonry: rubble and ashlar masonry. In rubble masonry, the stones used are made up of widely different sizes. The stonemason can decide to leave the stones uncoursed or they can square them off with a straightcut finish. This is considered the cheapest and roughest form of stone masonry because the stones can be in random sizes. As for ashlar masonry, this is when each stone is cut into a uniform size and shape, while ensuring that it forms a rectangular shape. Each of the stone are chiseled to remove all unevenness and to obtain perfectly horizontal and vertical joints, making it easier to put all the stones together. Consequently, this type of stone masonry is very costly.

With that in mind, listed below are just some of the different methods of stone masonry construction.

  • Mortared stones. This method involves the use of cement mortars to stack and affix the stones together. The mortar fills the gaps between the stones, so this can be used for both rubble and ashlar masonry.
  • Dry-stack stones. Stone masonry actually originated from this technique, wherein stones were carefully lined up without mortar to build a structure. In this case, gravity serves as the mortar or glue that holds all the stones together. This technique was more challenging because it required more skill and time.
  • Veneered stones. This type of stone is commonly used as a protective and decorative covering for exterior and interior walls or surfaces. The reason for this is because the veneer is usually only 1 inch thick and must weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot so that no additional structural supports are needed. This type of stonework is not meant for building foundation; it is simply for show. In fact, most construction today consists of non-structured veneered stones against a structural wall of concrete or cinderblock to make it seem like the entire foundation was made out of pure stone.
  • Slipform stones. This method is considered a cross between traditional mortared stones and veneered stones. It involves the use of formwork to help contain the stones and mortar, while keeping it straight. Short forms about two feet tall are placed on both sides of the structure to serve as a guide. Once this is done, the stones are placed inside the short form where concrete will then be poured behind the rocks. With this, the structure is reinforced by both stones and concrete.

With all these different methods and techniques, it is clear that it takes a certain amount of skill to work in stone masonry construction.

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