Keeping Brick Repairs to a Minimum

While brick is a material that can last for decades, it is not a “use it and forget it” material for your Texas home. Thankfully, though, it does not require large amount of maintenance time to ensure the brick repairs are kept at bay. By employing some simple upkeep tasks, you can keep [...]

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Brick Repair or Rebuild: That is the Question

As you drive through many neighborhoods in the regions of Texas, you will see many homes and businesses that chose to use brick. And why not? Brick is one of the most durable exterior choices available – and has been for many years. However, being durable does not mean it never needs to [...]

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Brick Mailbox Repairs and Maintenance

For most of us, checking the mail is a weekly, if not daily, activity. However, if your mailbox has ever been knocked down then you know the frustration of not having your mail or needing to make arrangements for receiving your mail. When your mailbox has been damaged, destroyed, or otherwise rendered unusable, [...]

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Taking the Fear out of Brick Wall Repair Projects

  It is our experience that most homeowners who see cracked brick walls, deteriorating brick, or bulging brick walls around their home are immediately concerned about structural failure, settling, or foundational issues. While, in some instances the worst may be true; brick wall issues are far more likely to be caused by small [...]

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