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Many business owners throughout Texas consider the guys over at OmegaMasonry.Com the preferred option if you find yourself Masonry Contractors in Kaufman County. One thing that is not as well known is that this same contractor is without a doubt the best option for everybody looking for Masonry Repairs in Kaufman County! Why you may ask? Unlike contracting a company to do Mailbox Repair in or near Kaufman County, finding the top masonry repairs and restoration company in Kaufman County, requires a little bit of due diligence. If you required masonry repairs in Kaufman County, it is likely that the work wasn’t done correctly originally. Therefore finding the top masonry repairs company in Kaufman County is the only option!


Looking for Masonry Contractors in or near Kaufman County? Omega is a well regarded Kaufman County masonry contractor with expertices not only in Masonry Contractors, Affordable Bricklayer, and other realted services.


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Check out the top masonry repair contractors nearby and make certain to choose one who has a a little bit of everything listed above. They are professional, courteous, proven, and ready to help constantly. So, now the you know that the guys over at OmegaMasonry.Com your best bet if you find yourself Masonry Contractors in Kaufman County! In addition, if you want more details on the services provided by the guys over at Omega Masonry, please, visit our Brick Mailbox Repair blog…

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Brick Wall Mason: Installing a Brick Veneer

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Brick veneers are a very aesthetic form of brick wall masonry. They also provide a good level of protection against fire. If you are interested in installing a brick veneer for the exterior of your home, our brick wall mason can help you take on this project. There are many tools the brick wall masons have that you probably do not have in your home. The process begins when the brick mason visits the home. He will perform an inspection, assessing the job. He will then bring the materials necessary to complete the job.

How A Brick Wall Mason Prepares For The Project

The next step is to prepare the surface. Brick wall masons will prepare the surface by clearing off any dirt or debris. They must also ensure the area is clear of oil, paint, and plaster before starting the process.

A veneer must then be installed around the corners and edges. A brick wall mason will install metal flashings on top of the concrete brick. The flashings and the concrete brick will support the brick veneer. When the brick mason installs the flashing, the outer edge must be turned down over the foundation ledge. The inner edge will be over the sheathing. Next, the mason will add a full brick on the top of the edge and a half brick beneath. This pattern will then be utilized for the remainder of the veneer.

The brick mason will then level the veneer by applying mortar onto the foundation ledge. In order to create wall planes and plan out the height, leads are installed at wall ends. Leveling the first course is one of the most important steps, as it affects the stability and appearance of all courses that come afterward.

The mason will then apply adhesive to the back brick, press it on the wall for five or so seconds, then apply mortar between the brick veneer within the joints. The brick wall mason will install weep holes that allow proper drainage.

The mason will lay brick veneer, filling all gaps with mortar. Your brick wall masons will likely come with a few tricks up their sleeves to ensure that the brick veneer is even. Some use string, while others use the window sill.

The brick mason will then anchor the brick veneer with brick anchors or other materials. These could come in the form of corrugated metal. These will likely appear every four courses. To finish, the mason will tool the mortar so that the joints appear concave. A brush is used to scrub away excess mortar.

If you are interested in installing brick veneers in your home, contact us today. Our brick wall masons can assist you will all of your veneer needs. Call us now to speak with a reprehensive about our brick installation and repair services. We can answer any questions you may have. We can also set up an appointment to initiate the process. We look forward to working with you.