Most Common Kinds of Masonry Repair for Chimneys

Chimneys seem like simple structures to the common person. They’re just made of bricks and are expected to last forever. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to them than that. Neglected chimneys or those affected by moisture need to undergo masonry repair in order to restore them to their best conditions. So what kind of work is done on chimneys? Chimney Crown Repair Maintaining the chimney crown is one of the most essential [...]

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Is Brick Repair Worth it?

If you are considering putting your Texas brick home on the market and want to be sure to get the maximum value out of it, then it is necessary for you to see that any repairs are addressed. The concerns may range from updating a room’s paint job to talking to a Texas masonry professional about repairing any damaged mortar or brickwork. But, perhaps you are wondering if it is that important to [...]

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Skilled Stone Masons

Nearly anyone can slap mortar between brick or stone, but that doesn’t make them a mason. Omega’s stone masons have been designing and repairing stone and brick structures for well over a decade. We count on their exceptional expertise to ensure that outdoor fireplaces, enclosed grills, retaining walls, and curbside mailboxes are built for both longevity and beauty. If you are looking for any masonry repair, our masons here at Omega Masonry are [...]

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Masonry Repair: Matching the Mortar

Brick homes are beautiful and will last for many years without needing a great deal of maintenance. However, there are occasions when the mortar made need to be repaired because of age, storm damage or perhaps because someone has backed into it. In these cases, brick repair should be done sooner rather than later. Our expert masonry team offers the perfect solution for those who face damaged mortar in need of brick repair. [...]

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Types of Chimney Repairs in Texas

While not every home or business location in the Texas area is built out of brick, many of them do have brick chimneys or fireplaces. And while these decorative, yet functional design elements might not require a large amount of yearly maintenance, they are not design elements that should be ignored. In fact, if chimney maintenance is overlooked, you will eventually find yourself dealing with sometimes rather extensive chimney repairs such as loose [...]

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Texas Chimney Repairs and Water Penetration

There is something quite majestic about a brick fireplace and the warmth – both physically and aesthetically- that it provides to a home. They offer a nostalgic, cozy charm to any home and can last for years. However, this does not mean that a brick fireplace will last forever and never need any repair work done. Think about it. The fireplace and chimney is one of the few elements of your home that [...]

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