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Even though, to a great number of homeowners throughout the area of Little Elm to Downtown Dallas, Texas, Omega Masonry is known as the contractor to contact for everything from Mailbox Repair to Stucco Work & Repairs. What a lot of people don’t know that Omega Masonry it’s also your best option if you are seeking a reliable stone mason contractor near Denton County, TX. Nevertheless not all stone masonry contractors are the same for this reason we would like to educate you on how to choose when contracting a stone mason in the Denton County area.

In case you have ever tried to do stone masonry before, you will quickly become aware of how tough this really is. It is comparable to laying bricks, with the exception that many of the stones that you will be using are not even by nature. It will require significant amounts of skill to get this done properly, even when you are erecting a straight wall. There are actually reasons that stone masonry is not for DIY; it is most beneficial to be done by experts. To find professional stone-masons who could help you build the perfect wall, or structure, the following is tips on how to find these pros.

Why Stone Masonry is seldom a Do-It-Yourself Project!

The very first reason that this really is more challenging is that the linear nature of bricklaying is just not part of this art. You need to have the capacity to guess the length and width of different stones, eventually creating the formation you are striving to make. Even though the models and patterns of the dwelling you are hoping to create will look synchronous when finished, it requires a great deal of talent. For this reason stone masonry is not for DIY projects; they are best left to experts {in your area|in your town|in the area|in your neighborhood|in Denton County, Texas who have been achieving this task for a long time. You can actually find these experts who may make the exact structure that you would like at reasonable prices.

Exactly Why Stone Masonry is worthwhile!

Are you currently planning to get a home built and you have been in a dilemma to pick between stone or brick masonry? It is a mixup that many home-owners have to go through before choosing the proper material for your home. However, if you ask the professionals, they would claim that stone masonry is the one which you need to go for. Yes, it is more high priced than brick and you may ask yourself is stone masonry worth the cost?! Actually, it is worth every penny spent. The resistance and power that stone masonry offers are matchless.

A primary reason that stone masonry is preferred over brick masonry is it has the capacity to withstand fire. Also, the stone may be cut in accordance with the shape you want. It really is more supple than brick and will last much longer than brick masonry. Stone masonry has the capacity to bear extreme varying weather conditions. In addition to all of these benefits, you simply will not need to pay lots of attention with regards to maintenance. So, should you be looking to reside in a property which will stand for a long time and also will be a safe-house for the generations ahead, then go for stone masonry without any doubt in mind. As we have pointed out hiring a stone mason contractor near Denton County, TX, or anywhere else requires some homework. If you are a business owner looking for stone masonry Near Me, we invite you to visit our blog

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How to Know If Your Masonry Needs Tuckpointing

Expert Stone and Brick Mason

Tuckpointing, sometimes referred to as repointing, is the process of repairing the mortar joints in stone or brick masonry walls by grinding or raking out old mortar then filling in the space with new mortar. In Texas –as well as surrounding areas- tuckpointing is often needed to update older homes or in situations where significant water damage has caused deterioration. It can be a labor-intensive job, so should not be approached by the novice homeowner, but instead done by a professional masonry team like Omega. You can trust our masonry team with all of your tuckpointing repair needs.

For many people, the need to repoint their masonry comes as a surprise, because they believe that brick never needs maintenance. And, while brick generally does not require ongoing work, the mortar occasionally requires updating. But how do you know if tuckpointing is needed for your home or office? The easiest way to determine if repointing is needed is by taking a key or screwdriver and dragging it across the mortar joint. If it scratches up powdered material, then you know you’re a candidate for tuckpointing. If the masonry is still good, it should not be able to be scratched at all.

Signs that Repointing is needed for Your Texas Home

For most homes, you can go as many as 5 –in some cases 10- decades without needed to repoint, so if you have lived in the same location for many years or have purchased an older home, then you should periodically walk the perimeter of your home and look for the following indicators that suggest you need repair:

  • Weathered or flakey mortar can be a sign of deteriorating integrity in the masonry.
  • Cracked or missing mortar is a definite sign and re-pointing would definitely be recommended
  • Mismatched coloring in the mortar. This is a sign of an inappropriate re-pointing done in the past and the integrity is hard to tell on face value. Re-pointing can be done as a precaution.

Should you discover that your home’s exterior masonry needs repointing work done, do not put it off indefinitely! When mortar has been compromised – typically due to age or because of excessive water or moisture – it will cause the brick and the mortar to expand and contract with the heat, and ultimately cause structural problems. Worse, should the repointing be needed in your Texas home’s chimney, you could find yourself dealing with issues such as a rusted damper, deteriorating metal, and rotting wood. Of course, another reason to do repointing work sooner rather than later is because the problem will only get worse, and ultimately cost more to repair later down the road.

When your Texas home’s exterior needs repointing, do not put it off– it will only get worse. Contact Omega Masonry to schedule a consultation and learn what steps need to be taken to get your home back in great shape. We are here to help your home always look its best.

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