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The great majority of commercial or residential customers throughout Dallas County consider the guys over at Omega Masonry your best bet if you’re looking for Stone Masonry Repairs in Addison. One thing that is not as well known is that this same company is the uncontested the best choice for individuals searching for Masonry Repairs in Addison. There’re several reasons for that. Unlike hiring a company to do Stone & Brick Patios near Addison, hiring the best masonry repairs contractor in Addison, requires a little bit of due diligence. If you need masonry repairs in Addison, it is more than likely that the job was not done correctly originally. This is why choosing the top masonry repairs firm in Addison is the only option!

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Looking for Stone Masonry Repairs in or near Addison? Omega Masonry is a well regarded Addison masonry contractor with expertices not only in Stone Masonry Repairs, Stone Masonry Contractors, and other realted services.

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Check out the best masonry repair contractors nearby and make sure to pick one with a bit of everything mentioned above. They are professional, courteous, proven, and able to help always. So, now the you know that José at OmegaMasonry.Com the best choice if you’re looking for Stone Masonry Repairs in Addison! In addition, if you want more information on the services provided by Omega Masonry, please, stop by our blog…

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Types of Decorative Concrete Used in TX

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When you make the decision to do upgrades to your Texas home there are many approaches you can take. From landscaping to painting, and structural elements to paving the drive, there is no limit to the ways you can improve both the aesthetic and conversely, the resale value of your home. However, if you are looking for a truly unique expression of who you are, then decorative concrete is the perfect choice.

Decorative concrete is used in homes all around the Texas are, yet no two surfaces are ever alike. This is because decorative concrete can be done in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Decorative concrete can come in a variety of forms, but the three most common forms are – stamped concrete, overlays, and acid stains and each of them can be customized per your style.

Stamped Concrete

This accomplished by using an assortment of tools to stamp patterns and textures into a newly poured concrete slab. It can be combined with stains and color pigments, to create looks like brick, cobblestone, wood, pebbles, seashells, and any other patterns you may wish. You can choose a clear sealant, or opt for a tinted one to enhance the style and colors, so you are certain to have a look that compliments your style. It is easy to care for, works well for both indoor and outdoor locations, and will last for many years.


If you have a Texas location that needs some sprucing up, then concrete overlays are a great choice. Concrete overlays are created by laying down a scratch coat of a high-polymer modified concrete over an old slab of concrete, then using grout tape to map out a specific pattern – the choices are limited by your imagination and the artistic skill of your concrete installer – then pouring another thin layer over that to add texture. When the tape is removed, it leaves the impression of grout lines. When overlays are complete, most people simply assume that the lines are truly grout. Like other concrete flooring, overlays last for years and require minimal maintenance.

Acid Stains

This is one of the most popular concrete flooring choices. Acid staining is used to permanently change the color of the concrete. It is accomplished by applying multiple coats to the floor, once the desired color is reached, the floor is treated with ammonia, and water to neutralizing the acid and a sealant is added to protect the floor. There are many colors of stains available, and these colors can be mixed together to create a custom color that shows off your style.  In Texas, many home and business owners opt for sandier or earth tones to blend in with natural beauty of the region.

Whether you choose acid stained, stamped or overlays for your Texas property, you can count on it being a beautiful addition that requires minimal upkeep. If you are uncertain of what type of decorative concrete to choose, or have additional questions, please contact the Omega Masonry team today, and schedule a consultation.